Michael Angel Therapy Oil 'Ho'oponopono' Forgiveness Bundle - SAVE 40% OFF - LIMITED SUPPLY!-Bundle-PurePlant Essentials Michael Angel Therapy Oil 'Ho'oponopono' Forgiveness Bundle - SAVE 40% OFF - LIMITED SUPPLY!-Bundle-PurePlant Essentials Michael Angel Therapy Oil 'Ho'oponopono' Forgiveness Bundle - SAVE 40% OFF - LIMITED SUPPLY!-Bundle-PurePlant Essentials
  • Michael Angel Therapy Oil 'Ho'oponopono' Forgiveness Bundle - SAVE 40% OFF - LIMITED SUPPLY!-Bundle-PurePlant Essentials
  • Michael Angel Therapy Oil 'Ho'oponopono' Forgiveness Bundle - SAVE 40% OFF - LIMITED SUPPLY!-Bundle-PurePlant Essentials
  • Michael Angel Therapy Oil 'Ho'oponopono' Forgiveness Bundle - SAVE 40% OFF - LIMITED SUPPLY!-Bundle-PurePlant Essentials

Michael Angel Therapy Oil 'Ho'oponopono' Forgiveness Bundle SAVE 40% OFF - LIMITED SUPPLY!

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PLEASE NOTE: After our current stock of Michael Angel Therapy Oil is depleted we will no longer be offering this same formula for sale in the future as Spikenard (one of its ingredients) is on the critically endangered species list. In an effort to support the Nardostachys jatamansi species' recovery we are no longer offering the pure distillation of the plant for sale in our store, or using it any of our Custom Formulas. Check the Critically Endangered Status of Spikenard on the ICUN Red List.

“These Angel Therapy Blends are absolutely exquisite! They smell divine, and I love that they are infused with gemstones and crystals. They will enhance your affirmations, and I like to wear them as a reminder that the Angels are always around me.” -Nancy White 

Forgiveness Meditation Ritual with Guardian Angel & Archangel Michael

After placing your order you’ll automatically receive an email with link to download your Meditation Audio MP3 Podcast (25:00) and PDF Instructional Guide (6 pages).


  • Supports your inner warrior.
  • Promotes Courage, Strength and Confidence.
  • Helps you dissolve cords of attachment.
  • Heal Negative Patterns of Blockage.
  • Release Self Sabotaging Behavior.
  • Heal Your Relationships.
  • Be Free of Heavy Burdens from the Past. 
  • Cleanse Your Ancestral Lineage.
  • Promotes Emotional Healing.

Do you feel you work so hard to move forward in your life, yet continue to keep creating the same scenarios and life situations that block you from realizing your dreams?

Then the Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation Ritual & Voyage into the Silence are perfect for you!

Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian word for “making right.” Through the practice of Ho’oponopono the Hawiians released and healed any rifts they had in their relationships.

Performing Ho’oponopono restores your light energy body and your e-motion, or energy in motion.

Through your light body you are connected with all of life. Through your e-motion you are always affecting everyone around you by your thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

In essence Ho’oponopono means to make things right with your ancestors. It helps you to create peace and harmony with people you have relationships with. It helps you to heal negative entanglements with others and within yourself.

In the Eastern cultures there is a tradition of honoring your ancestors. Being aligned with and cleansing ancestral relations is considered absolutely essential for prosperity at all levels of your life.

Without reverence and gratitude for one’s ancestors prosperous circumstances will always be limited. In Japan, China, and the Hawaiian tradition it’s important to cleanse any past problems one may have had in relationships, especially with one's relatives.

There may also be family patterns you do not want to continue. Generational themes are passed along through the family lineage, like depression, poverty consciousness, addiction, or other unfortunate character traits.

Ho’oponopono allows you to cleanse your ancestral lineage. This cleansing and healing of relationships within your family lineage brings you the highest and greatest good fortune!

Through performing Ho’oponopono you will let go of past patterns, especially inherited ancestral or karmic patterns that bind you to the past. You can finally be free of heavy burdens from the past. You can finally release patterns of blockage and self sabotage and put them to rest once and for all.

Honor yourself and ONLY perform Ho’oponopono when you are truly ready to let go and release a past issue.

After completing your Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation you’ll be guided on a Voyage into the Silence. As you connect with the Silence deeply you experience the natural rhythm of the Divine within you connecting you with all of life to experience perfect inner peace and harmony.

At the start of your meditation experience you'll be guided to connect with your Guardian Angel who will assist you throughout your meditation and Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Ritual to experience great results.

You’ll also be guided to call upon Archangel Michael to assist with cutting any cords you may have to people or life situations in your past. Archangel Michael’s sword of truth easily cuts through any cords of entanglement between yourself and others.

Performing your ‘Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation’ at the time of a Full Moon, especially a Pisces Full Moon, the moon of compassion and unconditional love (though not necessary to get outstanding results) can enhance your results. This is because the natural electromagnetic force of the waning Full moon  will act to amplify the powerful release and letting go initiated by the Ho’oponopono Forgiveness ritual.

INGREDIENTS MICHAEL ANGEL THERAPY OIL: Custom Synergy Blend of GC/MS Tested 100% Pure, Organically Grown and Wild Crafted Essential Oils of Spikenard, Atlas Cedarwood, Black Spruce, Myrrh, Thyme and Galbanum. Infused with Healing Gemstones of Moss Agate, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, Lemurian Seed Crystals and the Healing Light of Angels (see details below).

AROMA: Unlike any other aromatic blend you've ever experienced, Michael imbues you with strength, courage and grounding. This hallmark scent is a harmonious synergy of exotic, resinous, balsamic, woody, spicy and green scented oils. 

Michael’s name means, “He who is like God.”

Archangel Michael is the warrior and protector angel. He rids you of fear and dissolves your cords of attachment.

Michael assists you to clarify your life purpose. He also helps you to make changes to fulfill your life purpose. 

Defender of the South and Fire Elementals, Michael upholds fair and balanced outcomes in life.

Michael is the patron angel and protector of all those in the legal and military professions.

SUGGESTED USE ON LABEL: Adult: Dispense 1-3 drops on cotton ball or smell strip and inhale, or as directed. 

Please note: this is a home studio production, so the quality of the recording is not excellent like a professional studio production. KG Stiles created the podcast recordings by the request of her customers who wanted an audio version of her most popular healing meditations.

CAUTIONS: Recommend refrigeration to keep your oils fresh.

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Bottle Measurements & Number of Applications

Each 5ml bottle contains approximately 7.5ml volume of essential oil (150 drops) 1-3 drops per application or 50-150 applications.

Each 15ml bottle contains approximately 18ml volume of essential oil (360 drops) 1-3 drops per application or 120-360 applications.

2 Ounce Spray or Ready-to-Use product (1200 drops), approximately 180-360  applications (depending upon how much you use per application).

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Bottle Sizes

Average use is 1-3 drops per application. See product description or bottle label for more specific usage instructions.

Size Drops* Oz
2.5ml 50 .08
5ml 100 .169
7.5ml 150 .25
10ml 200 .338
15ml 300 .507
18ml 360 .608
30ml 600 1
1/4oz. 148 .25
1/2oz. 295 .5
1oz. 591 1
2oz. 1183 2
4oz. 2366 4
6oz. 3549 6
8oz. 4732 8
12oz. 7098 12
16oz. 9464 16
32oz. 18927 32
64oz. 37854 64

*Drops are approximate based on 0.05 mL per drop.
1 dram = 1/4oz.
2 dram = 1/2oz.

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