Chakra Oil Mother Gaia - 9TH Chakra (Earth Star) - Chakra Anointing Oil-Essential Oil-PurePlant Essentials Chakra Oil Mother Gaia - 9TH Chakra (Earth Star) - Chakra Anointing Oil-Essential Oil-PurePlant Essentials
  • Chakra Oil Mother Gaia - 9TH Chakra (Earth Star) - Chakra Anointing Oil-Essential Oil-PurePlant Essentials
  • Chakra Oil Mother Gaia - 9TH Chakra (Earth Star) - Chakra Anointing Oil-Essential Oil-PurePlant Essentials

Chakra Oil Mother Gaia 9TH Chakra (Earth Star) Chakra Anointing Oil

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"They are great! I used them before I went to my acupuncture appointment and all my chakras were really strong!”
 -Leslie Jensen, Aurora CO USA
Helpful for issues around:
  • Feelings of not belonging or fitting in
  • Ability to support yourself
  • Standing your ground
  • Loss of purpose
  • Poverty consciousness

INGREDIENTS: A Custom Synergistic Aromatherapy Blend of GC/MS Tested 100% Pure Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang III, Vetiver, Galbanum, Patchouli and Healing Gemstones Tiger's Eye, Citrine, Lemurian Seed Crystal in 10% Dilution of Light Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Aroma: Grounding and earthy synergy of warm, sweet, exotic, sensuous, floral and green scents that awaken and strengthen your connection with Mother Earth.

    MOTHER GAIA synergy blend for the 9TH (Earth Star) Chakra promotes your connection to the earth and experience of your soul life purpose.

    This lovely chakra anointing oil promotes balance and healing for physical and emotional issues related to feelings of not belonging or fitting in, not being able to support yourself, an inability to stand up for oneself, ungrounded-ness, depression, loss of purpose, failure to thrive, poverty consciousness, inability to find your way in life and feeling dis-connected from life..

    Physical symptoms of blockage may include: sore or tired feet, chronic fatigue, restless leg syndrome and leg cramps.

    Your 9th Chakra is your gateway connection to the Earth Star Chakra’s gift of belonging and your soul life purpose. Through your 9th Chakra you receive the grace of material abundance and prosperity.

    SUGGESTED USE ON LABEL: Adult: Dispense 1-3 drops on a cotton ball or smell strip and inhale, or as directed.


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    Bottle Measurements & Number of Applications

    Each 5ml bottle contains approximately 7.5ml volume of essential oil (150 drops) 1-3 drops per application or 50-150 applications.

    Each 15ml bottle contains approximately 18ml volume of essential oil (360 drops) 1-3 drops per application or 120-360 applications.

    2 Ounce Spray or Ready-to-Use product (1200 drops), approximately 180-360  applications (depending upon how much you use per application).

    4 Ounce Ready-to-use product (2400 drops), approximately 240-720 applications (depending upon how much you use per application).

    KG Stiles, Director
    Founder | Formulator

    *Some exclusions may apply.

    †These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All statements on this website are intended for informational purposes only.

    Bottle Sizes

    Average use is 1-3 drops per application. See product description or bottle label for more specific usage instructions.

    Size Drops* Oz
    2.5ml 50 .08
    5ml 100 .169
    7.5ml 150 .25
    10ml 200 .338
    15ml 300 .507
    18ml 360 .608
    30ml 600 1
    1/4oz. 148 .25
    1/2oz. 295 .5
    1oz. 591 1
    2oz. 1183 2
    4oz. 2366 4
    6oz. 3549 6
    8oz. 4732 8
    12oz. 7098 12
    16oz. 9464 16
    32oz. 18927 32
    64oz. 37854 64

    *Drops are approximate based on 0.05 mL per drop.
    1 dram = 1/4oz.
    2 dram = 1/2oz.

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