Angel Therapy Bundle 'Releasing Emotional Attachments' - with Archangels Raphael & Ariel Meditation - MP3 & PDF - (BUY BUNDLE & SAVE)-Bundle-PurePlant Essentials Angel Therapy Bundle 'Releasing Emotional Attachments' - with Archangels Raphael & Ariel Meditation - MP3 & PDF - (BUY BUNDLE & SAVE)-Bundle-PurePlant Essentials
  • Angel Therapy Bundle 'Releasing Emotional Attachments' - with Archangels Raphael & Ariel Meditation - MP3 & PDF - (BUY BUNDLE & SAVE)-Bundle-PurePlant Essentials
  • Angel Therapy Bundle 'Releasing Emotional Attachments' - with Archangels Raphael & Ariel Meditation - MP3 & PDF - (BUY BUNDLE & SAVE)-Bundle-PurePlant Essentials

Angel Therapy Bundle 'Releasing Emotional Attachments' with Archangels Raphael & Ariel Meditation MP3 & PDF (BUY BUNDLE & SAVE)

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Manifest Your Heaven on Earth Now!

with Archangels Raphael & Ariel

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    • Release unhealthy habits and addictions
    • Put fears and anxieties to rest
    • Release blocks to Self expression
    • Weight loss / management issues
    • Substance abuse
    • End abusive relationship patterns
    • Attract soulmate relationships
    • Increase your personal power
    • Clarity heart, mind and purpose
    • Increase ability to rapidly manifest your desires and intentions
    • Clear your emotional desire body of old toxic emotions
    • Open your 3rd eye so you have clear vision for your future
    • Clear and balance chakras and auric field
    • Balance alta major chakra so optimism is dominant
    • Establish harmony and peace within yourself and in your life
    • Realize your divine potential

    A tremendous breakthrough in your consciousness is at hand if you are open to it. This ‘Releasing Emotional Attachment’ ceremony prepares your subconscious mind and your emotional desire body to absorb the ‘How to Be Great’ meditation activation for a tremendous paradigm shift at the deepest level of your being.

    This releasing ritual works for both men and women.

    As preparation for your ‘How to Be Great’ meditation with affirmations first you’ll release and heal away your attachments and addictions following the simple guidelines for the, ‘Releasing Attachments’ ceremony.

    You’ll call upon Archangel Raphael to assist you with the process.

    What prevents you from realizing your heaven on earth is your emotional attachment to habits and addictions. Your habits and addictions keep you chained to your past, so that you keep recreating the same story line and life circumstances.

    With the intervention and help of Archangel Raphael you will break your bonds and clear your attachments, so that you are free to move forward in your life.

    Releasing your emotional attachments opens you to Increase the flow of good luck and opportunity into your life. After your ceremony and meditation you’ll begin to experience an increase of love, intimacy, beauty, wealth and happiness. Sometimes the change is dramatic.

    Depending upon how deeply your emotional attachments you may need to repeat your ‘Releasing Emotional Attachments’ ceremony as needed to ensure continued freedom from previous attachments and addictions.

    I recommend you perform your releasing and healing ceremony several hours or more before your ‘How to Be Great’ meditation with affirmations.

    For the ‘How to Be Great’ Meditation Archangel Ariel will come to assist you through the process. Ariel, the angel associated with the sign of Aries, inspires you with ‘I Can Do It!’ motivation. She helps you move on and make a fresh new start.

    Your ‘How to Be Great’ meditation with affirmations will reprogram your subconscious mind and fill in the open space you’ve created through your releasing emotional attachments ceremony. Nature abhors a vacuum  and you will be ripe for new more positive messages to take root and grow!

    You may wish to listen to the ‘How to Be Great’ mediation with affirmations daily at betimes and on waking are good times for two to three weeks. Then periodically to reinforce your intentions for realizing your greatness.

    You can perform the ‘How to Be Great’ meditation and ‘Releasing Attachments’ ceremony ANYTIME though I especially recommend it from the quarter waxing moon as the moon is reaching full until the quarter waning moon as the moon is waning to new.

    Archangel Raphael oversees all of the Creator’s Healing Angels. Raphael’s name means, “God Heals.” Raphael is the healing angel of the physical body and helps you overcome addictions.

    Raphael protects and assists those in the healing profession and is the defender of the East and the Element of Air. Raphael is the angel of all those in the medical and healing field.


    “KG – As an active follower of your meditations I so appreciate the journey you’ve led and accompanied me on! Thank you for being my companion.  I have found the information you share to be so relevant, and truly transformative!”
    -Karen Cooke, Minneapolis, MN USA

    Please note: this is a home studio production, so the quality of the recording is not excellent like a professional studio production. I created the podcast recordings by the request of my customers who wanted an audio version of my most popular blog style meditations.

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    8oz. 4732 8
    12oz. 7098 12
    16oz. 9464 16
    32oz. 18927 32
    64oz. 37854 64

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