Charisma Formula - Magnetic Attraction Oil-Essential Oil-PurePlant Essentials Charisma Formula - Magnetic Attraction Oil-Essential Oil-PurePlant Essentials
  • Charisma Formula - Magnetic Attraction Oil-Essential Oil-PurePlant Essentials
  • Charisma Formula - Magnetic Attraction Oil-Essential Oil-PurePlant Essentials

Charisma Formula Magnetic Attraction Oil

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  • GC/MS Tested 100% Pure and Organically Grown.
  • Promotes flow of luck and opportunity.
  • Contains some of the most powerful aphrodisiac oils in aromatherapy.
  • Natural mood enhancer.
  • May be useful for alleviating depression.
  • May help increase your libido.
  • Promotes feelings of sexual attractiveness and sex appeal.
  • Enhances your feelings of self confidence.

KEY INGREDIENTS: A custom synergistic blend of GC/MS Tested 100% Pure, Organically Grown and Wild Crafted Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang III, Ginger, Tangerine, Bergamot, Cinnamon leaf, Patchouli, Clove and Black Spruce.

The oils in this synergy blend are powerful aphrodisiacs  and help increase your capacity for sexual arousal. They can enhance your feelings of sexual attractiveness and sex appeal.

Aphrodisiac oils can act to magnetically attract whatever you focus your heartfelt attention upon.

Charisma’s hypnotic hum comes from a blend of oils with legendary appeal as the most relaxing, grounding and earthy scents in aromatherapy.

Oils like Bergamot, Ginger and Ylang Ylang are highly valued in the perfume industry. Many cologne waters and perfume blends like Eau de Cologne contain these oils.

Charisma is decidedly sensuous and freeing to the senses. 

Use Charisma in your aroma diffuser to charge the atmosphere of a room. You can also use it as a perfume or man’s cologne. It will act to increase your powers of attraction and the flow of luck and opportunity into your life.

Charisma’s ebullient nature may also be used to counter the effects of melancholia and depression. It is a very grounding and reassuring oil and will enhance your feelings of self confidence.

SUGGESTED USE ON LABEL: Adult: Dispense 1-3 drops on cotton ball or smell strip and inhale.

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Bottle Measurements & Number of Applications

Each 5ml bottle contains approximately 7.5ml volume of essential oil (150 drops) 2-3 drops per application or 50-75 applications.

Each 15ml bottle contains approximately 18ml volume of essential (360 drops) 2-3 drops per application or 120-180 applications.

2 Ounce Spray or Ready-to-Use (180-360+ Applications)

KG Stiles
Founder | Formulator
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Bottle Sizes

Average use is 1-3 drops per application. See product description or bottle label for more specific usage instructions.

Size Drops* Oz
2.5ml 50 .08
5ml 100 .169
7.5ml 150 .25
10ml 200 .338
15ml 300 .507
18ml 360 .608
30ml 600 1
1/4oz. 148 .25
1/2oz. 295 .5
1oz. 591 1
2oz. 1183 2
4oz. 2366 4
6oz. 3549 6
8oz. 4732 8
12oz. 7098 12
16oz. 9464 16
32oz. 18927 32
64oz. 37854 64

*Drops are approximate based on 0.05 mL per drop.
1 dram = 1/4oz.
2 dram = 1/2oz.

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