What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love ‘Transformational’ Love Organs Meditation & EOs to Use

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” - Mother Teresa

Human beings are born with the natural instinct to love while hate is learned.

The world always needs our gratitude and forgiveness. Less grievance and hate, more kindness and sharing will help heal a lot of what goes awry in your life.

Strengthening and amplifying the energy of your subtle 'transformational' love organs can help you to be a part of the solution to stymy the growth of hate in the world. Each of us can make our own valuable contribution to creating a world that is more loving. A world worth living in.

Your subtle 'transformational' love organs carry the vibrational frequency of the Cosmos. Your organs of transformational love can imbue you with Super Human powers to transcend negativity when activated.

It is said that the energy emanating from the subtle 'transformational' love organs has the capacity to light up the entire planet for an eternity.

The key emotion of these organs is Universal ‘Divine’ love and the color most often associated with this part of your energy system is aquamarine.

Numerous studies have shown physical evidence for the power of the energy of love to affect significant changes in the human state of being.

Power of Subtle ‘Transformational’ Love Organs

Studies show that the emotion of love triggers transformational changes encompassing the entire body. For instance, these love states cause the body to release feel-good hormones and powerful neuro-chemicals like dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine, that stimulate positive moods and a cascade of other reactions within the body.

The transformational power of universal love is all encompassing and knows no boundaries. This subtle love energy exists for its own sake. Its sole purpose is to love, for no reason at all. It is unconditional and not based on any type of reward system. It just is and is available to everyone, at all times.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there.” ― Rumi, Persian poet, 13th A.D.

Your subtle organs of  ‘transformational’ love and the systems and parts of the body where they are located govern and give rise to your capacity to love unconditionally. These organs give you the power to transcend differences and experience empathy and compassion for other living beings.

The primary function of your subtle organs of ‘transformational’ love energy is unity with all sentient beings. Through the subtle transformational love organs you are able to give and receive Divine love that knows no limits, or bounds for its own expression.

Through the power of your subtle organs of ‘transformational’ love you have the capacity to realize the ‘holographic’ nature of the cosmos; you are the ONE expressing itself through the infinite variety of the many. 

Through these subtle organs you receive the grace of Cosmic intelligence to love and be loved. The greatest purpose of life is to love and be loved.

Divine love is your awareness of love for the greater whole of life to which you are connected through love and which you are now able to access and embody through your human form and experience as a human being.

Accessing such expanded cosmic awareness ‘consciousness’ enables you to transcend the limitations of your own personal story and human perceptions.

Through your direct connection to these Universal Cosmic love energies you know that you are never separate or alone.

Subtle ‘Transformational’ Love Organs

The key organ associated with your transformational love energies is the thymus gland.

It is located just behind your manubrium, below the suprasternal notch. This is the seat of your power for expressing Divine Love.

  • Heart
  • Thymus gland
  • Manubrium

    Emotional Power

    Unconditional love is the signature emotion that brings harmonic flow to the rhythms of life in the body. 

    • Unconditional Love
    • Unity Consciousness
    • Universal Understanding
    • Universal Compassion
    • Divine Love
    • Universal Heart
    • Divine Feminine

    Physical Signs of Balance

    When your subtle 'transformational' love organs are balanced and functioning healthily you are able to receive direct perceptions about the oneness of all of life. Compassion, gratitude and forgiveness are hallmark attitudes when there is balance in this part of your energy system. The 'transformational' love organs allow you know that all things are working together as one unified whole. These organs help you transcend negativity and transmute it to light and love.

    Physical Signs of Imbalance

    • Mysterious Diseases
    • Non-responding illnesses
    • Heart Disease
    • High or Low Blood Pressure

    Negative Emotions

    When the subtle ‘transformational’ love organs are blocked, or the energy flowing to and through them is congested, they will emit an energy frequency that resonates with and attracts:

    • Emotional Numbness
    • Emotional Coldness
    • Disassociation
    • Blockages to Giving & Receiving Love
    • Feelings of Distrust
    • Failure to Thrive
    • Hard Hearted
    • Chronic Anxiety
    • Loss of purpose
    • Loss of connection with Life and the Divine
    • Closed mindedness
    • Worry
    • Depression
    • Grievances
    • Divine Discontent
    • Victimhood

    Essential Oils to Balance

    Promote balance and healing for your subtle ‘transformational’ love organs by inhaling a pure essential oil, or blend with sweet, floral, citrus, regulating and restorative properties. Nothing compares to Rose oil for healing the emotional body and activating the subtle 'transformational' love organs. Even a single drop of even a 5% dilution can be truly transformative.

    • Rose (Rosa x damascena)
    • Neroli (Citrus aurantium var amara)
    • Melissa (Melissa officinalis)
    • Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)
    • Sweet Orange (Citrus siensis)
    • Sandalwood (Santalum album)
    • Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

    Crystals and Gemstones

    The elemental life force energies of healing gemstones and crystals with their inherent sound and color frequency patterns may be used for effectively clearing, balancing and enhancing each of your organs and entire energy system.

    Simply lay the gemstone or crystal at the area of your organ gateway for 1-5 minutes or longer to achieve the desired balancing and healing effect.

    You may also tape, or wear jewelry made of, a particular gemstone or crystal at the area of your organ gateway if you’d like to experience more intensive healing therapy to restore and strengthen any part of your energy system.

    You can also make a potent healing gemstone elixir by placing your gemstone or crystal in a glass container of pure fresh water and setting it in the rays of the sun or moon for several hours during the day or overnight.

    The moon’s light imbues your elixir with the feminine, receptive, emotional and psychic powers of moon energy. While the sun imbues your elixir with the masculine, radiant and expressive power and light of the sun.

    • Rose Quartz
    • Turquoise
    • Aquamarine
    • Moonstone
    • Clear Diamond
    • Clear Quartz Crystal

    Divine Cosmic Love is the signature vibration for your subtle ‘transformational’ love organs with archetypal themes of universal love, divine feminine, and the world mother.

    Subtle‘Transformational’ Love Organs Meditation

    • Focus you awareness at the area located just below the suprasternal notch at the base of the front of your neck and behind the manubrium (upper check area). This is your vital energy center for transforming phenomenal world perceptions and projected experiences into the pure light of love. This is your gateway for uniting all worldly experiences as one. Activating this portal of awareness brings the stillness and silence of eternal peace.
    • See a beautiful, whirling ball of aquamarine light pulsing with energy at this area of your body.
    • Recite the following affirmations aloud six times, then silently six times.
    • Remember to inhale and exhale fully as you recite your affirmations.

    I am love.

    Breathe out any resistance you may feel to being the power of love.

    I am loved.

    Breathe out any resistance you may feel to experiencing that you are completely loved by the universe.

    I love.

    Breathe out any resistance you may feel to being an infinite source for channeling love into the world.

    Allow any images that may naturally surface to melt away as blockages are cleared and balance restored to your subtle ‘transformational’ love organs and this part of your energy system. 

    "I am whole in the light of love.”

    Breathe out any residual resistance you may feel to the power of Divine Love to perfectly heal any misperceptions or mis-creations you may have about life and make you whole in the light of love.

    Affirm, "I am whole in the light of love."

    Allow yourself to rest in the light of Divine Love for a few moments.

    Affirm: “I am one with the Universal Heart.”

    Feel the warmth being generated at this area of your body. Breathe out any resistance you may feel about knowing the truth that you are the very essence of the power of love to transform all experience into the stillness and silence of peace.

    You may repeat these affirmations as needed to strengthen your subtle ‘transformational’ love organs and this part of your energy system. It can enhance your capacity to love unconditionally and your ability to receive love, as well as help alleviate any negative emotions or physical disturbances you may be experiencing.

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