Transformation of Values Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

This Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse marks the first of two Eclipses taking place on November 19th (Partial Lunar Eclipse) and on December 3rd (Total Solar Eclipse).

Eclipses always usher in a new transformational cycle. Now we also have the first eclipse in a new sign.

The past 18 months has seen eclipses occurring on the axis between Gemini (North Node) and Sagittarius (South Node). Gemini represents networking, social media, gossip, hearsay, information and/or misinformation). While Sagittarius represents the quest for knowledge, higher education and philosophy.

The North Node is where we are needing to develop and grow. While the South Node represents patterns we’ve outgrown and need to let go.

The Nodal Cycle around the 12 signs of the zodiacal wheel takes approximately 18-19 years. The last two times the Lunar Nodes were in Gemini/Sagittarius were October 13, 2001 to April 14, 2003 and March 17, 1983 to September 12, 1984. 

Eclipses usher in a complete new cycle in the areas of your life where they are transiting.

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Taurus Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse

Pay especial attention to what is occurring at the Taurus Partial Lunar Eclipse. This is where we are headed and how we need to move forward in our life (both collectively and as individuals).

There’s illumination of what has been hidden, or kept in the dark. Taurus rules the 2nd House of Self Worth and Personal Possessions. Now this area of your life comes into focus. You (and individuals in the world at large) are seeking more validation, self respect and appreciation from others.

As with all full moons there will be an end to what has previously been allowed to go on. Now things can be culminated and brought to a close. Any outstanding obligations will need to be balanced and eliminated to make way for the new cycle of energy coming in.

Before the sign of Scorpio is activated, take note, that there will be one final Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse. A new path toward greater knowledge and understanding can be activated that will play out over the next 18 years.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and Scorpio has two rulers (Mars, the old ruler, and Pluto, the new ruler).

Both Taurus and Scorpio, though opposite polarities, have similar qualities. Both are feminine (yin) signs, both are fixed (stubborn), and both are patient. These qualities make for more receptivity and adaptability (in order to get want you want). So, there’s a certain ability to negotiate differences despite the predominance of having fixed attitudes. This fixity can help with stability, but can also slow down and delay much needed change.

However, couple this usual Taurean fixity (stubbornness) with the fact that Uranus is currently transiting Taurus, and you get far reaching and inclusive change that comes to all things related to the Taurus (2nd house) and Scorpio (8th house) axis. BTW: The 8th House polarity is about how other’s benefit and value you. As the South Node is transiting here, old stuck values and attitudes are set to be released.

Appreciation of the individual is set to grow and evolve in society at large.

There will be major preoccupation over the next 18 months with creative and artistic pursuits, material concerns, creature comforts, security and control issues surrounding personal, as well as shared wealth. With this mix of energies, passions may run very high.

Remember also for the first year, or so of this transit of the nodes through Taurus and Scorpio, Saturn will be transiting Aquarius which forms a T-Square with the North (Taurus) and South (Scorpio) Nodes. This T-square represents tremendous pressure and conflict arising out of a need to make necessary changes. T-squares force the changes that have to take place.

There’s a finality that’s underlined at the Taurus Full Moon as it is within orb of the 1° Gemini North Node. All the madness and lunacy of the past 18+ months gets shut down. You should notice a marked change taking place now in world events.

Also, Venus in Capricorn Trine to Uranus omens a sudden passionate affair taking place. Venus in Capricorn has a strong head for business and negotiating deals. Breakthroughs in governing agencies and corporate type bodies are especially highlighted.

The Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Conjunct to both the Fixed Wealth Star, Algol, and Alcyone, marks a time of extremes when anything is possible. This is quite an intense start to a new 18 month cycle where many firsts are likely to happen.

  • 27° 17’ Taurus Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse
    Friday, November 19, 12:57am PT (vc)

Conjunct North Node at 1° Gemini
Conjunct Algol (Fixed Wealth Star High Drama)
Conjunct Alcyone (Central Star Pleiades)
Venus Trine Uranus (Rx)

This can be a time when the passionate release of old pleasures may occur. Urges for naughty pleasures can surface that you know you’ve outgrown. Is a habit to someone, or something holding you back? Time to let it go. Sudden love at first sight, or strong attraction is possible.

Essential Oil to Use: Patchouli
Earthy oils and oils that you especially enjoy and can’t seem to get enough of.

What house is Taurus located in your chart? You’re set to have a super charged revelation in this area of your life. Something truly extraordinary can happen now. Your personal income could get a real boost, as well.

Taurus Full Moon EO Recipe

This custom formulation has a sweet, floral, exotic and sensual scent with earthy bottom notes that soothe and ground the senses. It will help you make the most of your Taurus Full Moon experience.

To a 5ml (100 drops) colored glass euro-dropper bottle add:

  • Ylang Ylang III (Cananga odorata) - 40 drops
  • Patchouli (Patchouli cablin) - 40 drops
  • Vetiver (Vetiveria zizaniodes) - 20 drops
  • Galbanum (Ferula galbaniflua) - 1-3 drops
Cap bottle tightly and shake vigorously to blend oils thoroughly together. Allow to synergize for 12 hours or longer before using.

Taurus Full Moon Meditation

You can perform your meditation anytime starting from the Taurus Full Moon at 12:57am PT November 19th  until the First Quarter Waning Moon on November 27th at 4:28am PT.

What you will need:

  • A white candle
  • Essential oil or blend - use one of the recommended oils, or blend of oils

Make sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Light your white candle and inhale the scent of your essential oil. You can also scent your space prior to your meditation using an aroma diffuser.

Gaze into the candle flame as you begin to breathe in fully and deeply and exhale any tension. The candle flame reflects your own Divine heart center.

Continue inhaling the scent of your oil and releasing any tension for 1-5 minutes.

Archangel to Assist You

At this time, if you choose, you can invite Archangel Chamuel to assist you with your meditation. Angels are ‘light’ beings, simply meaning they are aligned with the creative power of the universe to create peace and harmony in our world.

Chamuel’s name means, “S/he who sees/seeks God.”

Chamuel is one of the most powerful healing angels and a central leader in the Angelic hierarchy. S/he is one of the Angels known as the ‘Powers’ whose task is to protect the world from fearful and lower plane energies. Call upon Chamuel whenever you feel the need for comfort, protection and intervention in worldly events that threaten to overwhelm.

Chamuel can help you to experience more love, compassion and gratitude in your daily life. S/he can also help you find what has been lost and help to strengthen your relationships with others. The Angel of Peace and Calmness, when you need reassurance that all is well, call upon Chamuel.

Petition your heart and mind with the following:

Take time between each appeal to drink in and absorb the response by your heart and mind to fulfill your request. Allow yourself the time needed to fully engage in and experience the results of this meditation.

You can also make up your own personalized petitions that feel most suitable for you at this time.

  • Thank you for helping me feel safe and protected.
  • Thank you for helping me experience more loving kindness in my life.
  • Thank you for helping me elevate my frequency, so that I send and receive only positive, life sustaining vibrations.
  • Thank you for helping me feel strong and empowered.
  • Thank you for helping me recover what I thought was lost.
  • Thank you for helping me be more tolerant and get along beautifully with others who I have differences with.

Allow the alignment of your heart and mind to bring harmony to your life. Allow the renewal of your heart, mind and purpose in this moment. Let go of any resistance to being fully present in this moment. Just allow yourself to remain peaceful and calm. 

Take as long as needed to complete this meditation. Repeat as needed whenever you’re feeling fearful, or the need for comfort and solace, or to get along better with others.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All statements on this website are intended for informational purposes only.

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