Paradigm Shift Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse +Angel Meditation & EO Recipe

What’s it all about?

The Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse is the first of our two fall eclipses. Much can be released just before the new moon when it is at its darkest phase of the cycle. Much can come to the surface for release at this time. Dark forces at work beneath the surface may also be exposed.

The Scorpio Solar Eclipse is primarily about healing and regeneration. Much must be purged for you (and humanity) to move forward.

Saturn Stationary Direct in Aquarius signals a coming to terms with the need for change that is constructive (not destructive). There is a real call for leadership during this time. Most of all, you must be willing to step up and take responsibility for yourself and the quality of your life experience.

The Martyrdom paradigm of the Piscean age is falling away as the Humanitarian paradigm of the Aquarian age gives its earliest hints of realization. This means the paradigm of blame and victimization for what happens in life is beginning to fall away.

The wiring of your nervous system is undergoing a profound change with this dawning of a new age. This process of complete birthing of the Aquarian age is estimated to take approximately 600 years. While the entire age lasts for approximately 2600 years.

We are coming to understand in a heartfelt way that we live in a no fault, vibrationally based universe. We attract what we experience and how we experience it. Consequently it follows that we also choose how we perceive and make choices by our own vibrational resonance. This understanding must be completely wired into your nervous system and will change everything about the way you view your life. Your reality!

Emotional maturity is absolutely essential. You must take charge of your self and how you respond to circumstances in your life. Change the way you look at things and you’ll see the things you look at will change. You’ll begin to interpret what’s happening from a whole new paradigm.

Mars Retrograde in Gemini has us reviewing how we choose to communicate and how we choose to connect with others. The world is coming into view as one world.

The Scorpio New Moon is your spring board for making the most of the opportunities available to you at the Taurus Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. Stay tuned!

Scorpio Solar Eclipse

We have entered the fall eclipse season. You can feel the effects of an eclipse usually at least 6-weeks prior to its happening. During the weeks leading up to an eclipse you get clear indications about what’s about to change.

We have now passed the peak intensity of energies activated by the final Square between Uranus and Saturn (October 1-12).

The pressure from Uranus’ Square to Saturn has put additional pressure on you to take advantage of any opportunities available for realizing visionary forms and structures that will benefit you and our world now and long into the future.

What was realized/illuminated at the Aries Full Moon on October 9th will play out through the Lunar Samhain occurring on October 25th at the Scorpio Partial Solar Eclipse. The Scorpio Solar Eclipse is followed in two weeks time by the Taurus Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8th.

Though the energies will be felt intensely during this span of time, Mars’ (the planet of energy and action) Station Retrograde will slow the energies down for ‘taking action’ and there may be more of a review about what actions to take until after the New Year when Mars Stations Direct.

Scorpio Personality

Scorpio is known for its passion and depth. The energy of Scorpio is complex with mysterious underpinnings not apparent to the casual observer.

Scorpio has two planetary rulers. Its old ruler is Mars, the planet of war, energy and action. Its new ruler is the planet Pluto, the planet of regeneration and healing.

There are three stages for evolution of Scorpio energy.

  1. The first stage is represented by the reptilian survival instincts.
  2. The second stage is the eagle, flying above events and seeing things from the advantage of greater perspective.
  3. The third stage of development is the phoenix, a mythical bird who rises above the ashes of its own death to be reborn as an entirely new being.

These three stage of the Scorpio’s development signify the soul’s journey through the fires of adversity to learn the lessons of transcendence.

We all have Scorpio energy operating in our natal chart and in our personal lives.

Now there is great opportunity available to realize great things for yourself and for humanity. You carry the seed potential for our future generations. What will you give birth to now?

We are at a peak of exposure of the dark side of human nature which must be owned and integrated. Your work of embracing your own shadow can help move us forward on our evolutionary path as humans. What will you choose?

As Scorpio has two planetary rulers it governs two houses, the 1st and the 8th houses of the zodiac. Your 1st house represents your persona and how you project yourself out onto the world stage at large. While the 8th house is how you are valued by others. Valuations can come in the form of inheritances, insurance settlements, credit or loans from banks, a partner’s financial resources. This is also the house of death and taxes, so matters in the 8th house can bring powerful alliances, as well as unavoidable obligations.

What’s Up in Your Chart?

There are lots of places where you can get a free download of your astrology chart these days. One I highly recommend is Astro Seek (no material association). At the touch of a key stroke you access a wide assortment of data about your chart, including transits and progressions.

Everyone has the Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse influence in one, or more areas of their chart.  Here are a few areas of your chart where you can experience the Scorpio New Moon influence:

  • Where (what house) is the sign of Scorpio located in your natal chart? This is the area of your life that will be most affected now for experiencing endings and new beginnings.
  • Mars is the old ruler of Scorpio and Pluto the modern ruler. What houses are the planets Mars (currently transiting the sign of Gemini) and Pluto (currently transiting the sign of Capricorn) located in your chart? This is where in your life you may get new opportunities for fresh starts related to the themes of the houses both of these planets are currently transiting.
  • What celestial bodies are located in your 1st house (Mars is the natural ruler of the 1st house) and 8th house (Pluto is the natural ruler of the 8th house)? Do you have any easy flowing, or hard aspects to these houses from one or more planets, or points in your natal chart? The easy flowing aspects offer support and protection to your feeling of harmony, balance and justice. While harsh aspects will augment any struggles presented at this time.
  • What houses are Mars and Pluto located in your natal astrology chart? If you have harmonious contacts to and from these celestial bodies in your chart then you will feel more supported at this time. You may want to lean into the supportive energies symbolized by harmonious aspects in your natal chart for support.
  • You can also take note of whether any these celestial bodies in your natal chart are being nicely aspected by transiting planets.
  • If there are stressful contacts to planets, points, or luminaries (Sun and Moon) in your natal chart, you’ll want to take note of these. Challenging aspects give you an opportunity for growth and change. Remember to always let yourself be guided to the best course of action.
  • The moon moves quickly through each sign and house, so whatever happens, though it may leave a lasting impact upon your psyche, the emotions will be transient.
  • You may feel overly intense and emotional at the Scorpio New Moon. There can be an intense feelings that surface. Best to let your emotions settle before acting. Wait to take action until you feel calm and grounded, not in a triggered emotionally reactive state.
  • Of course, because we are in the fall eclipse season the timing of events that unfold may not be in your hands. What is scheduled to change will change at the right time.

This is a tremendous time for taking charge of your internal  life story. It’s a time when tremendous healing and regeneration can occur. Deep and far reaching change is set to occur now.

Check out Meaning of the 12 Houses of the Zodiac to find out more how the Aquarius New Moon may be influencing you personally.

Healing Gemstones and Crystals for Scorpio

  • Golden Yellow or Blue Topaz - the fiery golden topaz is the traditional gemstone of Scorpio. Topaz softens the intense energies of Scorpio. Its healing properties help to regenerate and restore the life force energy when feeling burnt out. Known as a stone of love and good fortune, Topaz promotes truth, clarity and forgiveness.

  • Aquamarine - helps to quieten the emotions and calm the mind, can help alleviate feelings of irritation and frustration. Helps relieve stress and anxiety.

  • Citrine - a stone of empowerment, citrine is frequently used to assist with material and financial abundance. Enhances feeling of optimism and positivity, useful for increasing one’s self confidence.
  • Amethyst - with its many powerful properties, amethyst is frequently used for enhancing your intuition and other psychic abilities. It helps improve the flow of subtle energies through the chakra energy system. A very harmonizing stone, amethyst helps you to shift and make changes. A stone of transformation, amethyst quietens the emotions and calms the mind.

Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse Astrology

  • 1° 59’ Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse
    Tuesday, October 25, 3:49am PT
    2° 7’ Solar Eclipse 4:00am PT
    Lunar Samhain

Moon Conjunct Venus
Mercury Trine Mars
Mercury Square Pluto
Saturn Stationary Direct
Mars Stationary Retrograde (until January 12, 2023)

The Scorpio New Moon always brings the opportunity to investigate your feelings more deeply. You may be searching for answers to old dilemmas with sudden breakthroughs possible. Though Mars Retrograde motion may slow the eventual outcome of this current review until the first of next year. You’ll want to get to the bottom of things and nothing will deter you. It just may take a little while longer than you’d hoped. You seek purification and healing of your emotions and emotional life.

  • Moon (Scorpio) Conjunct Venus - the emotional needs can feel intense and passionate. There can be a deep feeling of empathy, as well as sexual attraction. Deep and mysterious feminine impulses that attract are at work.
  • Mercury (Libra) Trine Mars (Gemini) - there can be a great deal of compatibility operating with this aspect. As Mars is Station Retrograde an opportunity for a congenial connection/conversation/contract can return. Your intellectual ability can be enhanced. The energies are optimistic and enthusiastic.

  • Mercury (Libra) Square Pluto (Capricorn) - there can be some shadow elements at work in communications. There’s a manipulative and controlling hardness to get what you want (Pluto in Capricorn), along with a congenial approach that’s more balanced and fair (Mercury in Libra). The styles for how to negotiate differences are so different that a confrontation, or disagreement could occur. It may be best to just air things and wait for another day when celestial energies are more hospitable to negotiate a mutually satisfying agreement.

  • Saturn (Aquarius) Stationary Direct - this is a forward decision making authority taking responsibility for what’s unfolding in your life. The attitude is serious, no nonsense approach to get down to work and make necessary visionary changes for a prosperous future.

  • Mars (Gemini) Stationary Retrograde - there’s review of all modes of communication and travel. How you take action related to Gemini themes of communicating and connecting is going through a major review period until the end of March 2023. There can be tremendous confusion and chaos unleashed, as well as extraordinary innovation and scientific discoveries/breakthroughs. When Mars (the planet of energy and action, drive, ambition) is Retrograde the internalization of the Mars energy can result in expressions of passive aggression, or depression (internalized anger).

Essential Oil to Use: Ylang Ylang
Use oils that balance the mind and free the emotions.

Scorpio New Moon EO Recipe

This custom formulation has a sweet, warm, floral, fruity, exotic and sensual scent with a refreshing hint of spice that enlivens and inspires the senses. It will help you make the most of your Scorpio New Moon experience.

To a 5ml (100 drops) colored glass euro-dropper bottle add:

  • Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) - 40 drops
  • Ylang Ylang III (Cananga odorata) - 30 drops
  • Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi)* - 10 drops
  • Clary Sage (Savia sclarea) - 10 drops
  • Roman Chamomile - 10 drops
  • Ginger (Zingiber officinale) - 2-5 drops
  • Patchouli (Patchouli cablin) - 2-5 drops

*Spikenard is optional. If you don’t use it, increase your drops of Ylang Ylang III by 10 drops.

Cap bottle tightly and shake vigorously to blend oils thoroughly together. Allow to synergize for 12 hours or longer before using.

Scorpio New Moon Meditation

You can perform your meditation anytime starting from the Scorpio New Moon  until the First Quarter Waxing Moon on October 31st at 11:37pm PT (Samhain/Halloween).

What you will need:

  • A white candle
  • Essential oil or blend - use one of the recommended oils, or blend of oils

Make sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Light your white candle and inhale the scent of your essential oil. You can also scent your space prior to your meditation using an aroma diffuser.

Gaze into the candle flame as you begin to breathe in fully and deeply and exhale any tension. The candle flame reflects your own Divine heart center.

Continue inhaling the scent of your oil and releasing any tension for 1-5 minutes.

Archangel to Assist You

At this time, if you choose, you can invite Archangel Azrael to assist you with your meditation. Angels are ‘light’ beings, simply meaning they are aligned with the creative power of the universe to create peace and harmony in our world.

Azrael’s name means, “Whom God helps.”

Azrael aids with transitions and transformation from one form to another. S/he assists you to make dramatic changes without suffering through the process. Call upon Azrael if you need support and comfort in the process of letting go and moving on.

Azrael is the angel to call upon for grief and loss and can assist with the transition from life into the afterlife. Azrael’s purpose is to bestow compassion, peace and comfort during times of transition.

Petition your heart and mind with the following:

Choose one, or more, affirmations to focus upon at this time. Take time between each appeal to drink in and absorb the response by your heart and mind to fulfill your request. Allow yourself the time needed to fully engage in and experience the results of this meditation.

You can also make up your own personalized petitions that feel most suitable for you at this time.

  • Thank you for helping me be let go of the old and welcome the new.
  • Thank you for helping me feel safe during times of great turbulence and change.
  • Thank you for helping me feel peaceful and calm when faced with the unknown.
  • Thank you for helping me to relax, let go and let God.
  • Thank you for helping me have the courage to make necessary changes.

Allow the alignment of your heart and mind to bring harmony to your life. Allow the renewal of your heart, mind and purpose in this moment. Let go of any resistance to being fully present in this moment. Just allow yourself to remain peaceful and calm. 

Take as long as needed to complete this meditation. Repeat as needed whenever you feel the need for support and comfort to move through life changes with grace and ease.

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