Aromatherapists Guide to Best Diffuser

Essential oils are not just about amazing smells. In fact, research has proven cold-air diffusing certain oils have a number of health benefits.

Direct inhalation of essential oils can lead to reduced anxiety levels, increase in mental clarity, and even pain relief. So, if you are looking to get the best of essential oils, here are some recommendations and the best kind of diffuser aromatherapists prefer.

Just as you would probably take great care in selecting only the finest premium quality essential oils to ensure a superior aroma experience and therapeutic results, you would want to choose only the best type of diffuser available on the market.

Make the right choice by selecting the essential oil diffuser preferred by most aromatherapist before deciding what's best for your own personal needs.

The best way to enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of essential oils is simply through direct inhalation. One of the easiest ways to diffuse your oil into air for direct inhalation as an environmental fragrance.

Start by diffusing your essential oils for only 15-30 minutes per day. As you become accustomed to the oils and recognize their affects you may increase your time of exposure to them.

Please note, you can become accustomed to the scent of oils in the air and lose your ability to notice them after a period of time. Friends or family members may stop by and comment on the aroma, yet you no longer notice it.

Just be mindful that all the benefits of essential oils are being delivered and you’ll need to monitor your exposure, so you do not overload your nervous system with continued use.

I recommend that you rotate the oils and blends you use. Just like with a food, herb or supplement you can build up a tolerance to its effectiveness when used long term without a break. The general guide is 3 days on, 1-2 days off of an oil. This will also circumvent the chance of sensitization to a particular oil.

Best Diffuser Used by Aromatherapists?

Answer: Cold Air Nebulizer Diffuser

For a full bodied aroma experience in a room, the cold air nebulizer diffuser is your best choice. It’s the most preferred diffusion method of essential oils as an environmental fragrance. You can use fewer drops of essential oils than other types of diffusers, making it more cost effective. This type of cold air diffuser uses room temperature to blow air into the nebulizer. The essential oils are vaporized quickly and efficiently and then dispersed into air in an almost gas-like state.

With a cold air nebulizer diffuser, it’s important that you choose a high quality pump that is quiet and effective for diffusing the thicker/heavier oils.

A cheaper cold air nebulizer diffuser can be noisy, as well as messy to clean. Also, it will not circulate thicker/heavier oils very well. The cold air diffuser does not use water or heat to diffuse the oils. It’s important with this type of diffuser to get a 1 to 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Afterward from KG: I know many of you probably want help selecting the best diffuser to use for dispersing your oils into the air that's why I've written this article. I used diffusers in my treatment rooms when I still operated a hands-on healing clinic. For efficient and effective use as an environmental fragrance I highly recommend diffusers for use in your home, clinic, or business!

Today, I no longer use a diffuser as I'm always dispensing oils for formulating products and the air is always saturated with oils without the use of a diffuser. I also enjoy using an aromatic misting bottle for spot scenting an area. What you use for diffusing your essential oils really will always depend upon your own unique individual needs.

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