Feeling Overwhelmed - How to Turn It Around, Part 5

TangerineFruit_wiki-creative-commons-lic-barfooz(Brent Ramerth)-2This is the fifth in this series of articles about holistic health techniques to bring balance and calm when suffering from symptoms of overwhelm. There are three more blogs to come in this series.

Tangerine (Citrus reticulate) - Cold pressed from fresh peel. Note: also sometimes referred to as Satsuma.

Tangerine is often interchanged with Mandarin oil. However, for me the scent of these two oils is really quite distinctly different. Tangerine oil is calming and restorative with a high note that is playful, refreshing and lifting. Whereas Mandarin has a lower note that is softly soothing, more grounding and feminine, without any noticeable lift and less complexity.

The primary chemical class Tangerine is Monoterpene. Phyto-chemicals present are Mono & Sequiterpenes, Alcohols (linalool) and Aldehydes (citral).

Monoterpenes have endurance, are long lasting and characterized as The Athlete archetype. The alcohol archetypal pattern is The Lovers. Its aroma is both pleasurable and sensual. Aldehydes are The Cleaners in aromatherapy and Sesquiterpenes are the Wise Elders and Compassionate Ones.

Tangerine's chemical profile thus gives it a broad spectrum application.

Tangerine's Properties, Actions & Effects:

  • Antiseptic - prevents infection
  • Antispasmodic - calms muscular spasm
  • Cytophylactic - increases leucocytes to fight infection
  • Restorative - revives the body systems
  • Sedative - tranquilizing effect
  • Stomachic - digestive aid
  • Tonic - strengthens body

Yang character helps balance out yin states like weepiness and depression. Tangerine oil enhances self esteem and feelings of self worth.

In perfumery Tangerine is most often used as a middle to top note.

Its color frequency is vibrant orange.

Chakra Healing & Balancing – Tangerine's element is water and it has a natural affinity with the second (sexual/sacral) chakra.

Astrologically Tangerine has an especial affinity with the Sun (Leo) and the Moon (Cancer). Secondarily Tangerine resonates with Jupiter (Sagittarius) and Venus (Libra).

CAUTION: Phototoxic, avoid direct sunlight after skin application.


Explore how you identify yourself. There is no right or wrong way to identify your self. However how you think and feel about your self is an all important consideration when designing the life you desire for yourself.

Also how you feel about yourself can increase or decrease your feeling of being overwhelmed. You could through your self-identification(s) be inadvertently adding to your level of stress and feeling overwhelmed.

You are continually broadcasting to your friends, family and your world how you identify yourself.

Your identity is the paradigm from which you operate in your world and colors your perception of reality.

Who Am I? Exercise:

You are going to disclose to your self exactly how you think and feel about yourself by quickly jotting down how you primarily identify yourself.

For example do you think of yourself primarily as a mom, dad or parent? Do you identify yourself with a particular job or occupation, membership in an organization, living in a certain neighborhood or town or part of the world, citizenship, vegan, spiritual being, or athlete, divorced, widowed, elderly, disabled, entrepreneur, unemployed, wealthy, poor, disenfranchised, homeless, strong, weak, creator, artist, lover, hater, courageous, resourceful, intelligent, stupid?

The ways you might identify and think of yourself are countless. Just jot down whatever immediately comes to your mind.

It's important that you take the time to write down how you identify yourself, not just think about it in your head. Through this process you'll discover far more of the truth about how you "feel" about the identity paradigm you operate from within.

After you have your list consider briefly how you "feel" about each of the ways you identify your self. Allow yourself to reveal your honest emotions and feelings.

After you complete your Who Am I? exercise consider if you might want to release and let go of some of your previous identifications. Or perhaps you feel so much exhilaration when thinking of your self identity that you want to expand this part of your identification.

Your mind will always identify you with something. You need to choose what feels best for you and supports you to most fully express your authentic being.

What did you learn from doing the "Who Am I?" exercise?


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