3 Key Differences Between the Ego & Soul +4 Takeaways & EO to Use

Your beliefs about yourself and life are absolutely critical to getting satisfying results each and every time.

Subconscious patterns of fear, and its resistance to what is, are at the root of all the problems you face in life.

Challenges in life and the fears they too often trigger are meant to strengthen and empower you. Facing new challenges helps prepare you for the next steps in your life journey. As you face challenges, you build momentum and the confidence needed to achieve all that your life holds for you to accomplish.

As you probably already know, your beliefs anchored in either positive, or negative emotions, operate automatically at the subconscious level. Your beliefs are part of a repeating story you’ve been telling yourself since early childhood for good, or ill.

When you see life events through a cloudy prism of negative emotion you frequently project your worst fears and give negative meanings to whatever is happening. Your expectations of the worst happening can actually operate like a self-fulfilling prophecy, causing you to interpret events as against you.

Grievances can get deeply anchored in your subconscious mind, so that you repeat similar experiences for yourself throughout life.

These patterns of resistance are often inherited through your family lineage and can be difficult to overcome. However, overcoming them and even eradicating them is possible. 

Overcoming and transforming negative beliefs and patterns may be the greatest gift you can give to the world, as well as be the grandest part of your mission here on planet earth.

When you transform a negative belief/attitude/mental construct you are actually feeding and nourishing our world’s collective energy bank and helping us all to evolve.

3 Key Differences Between Ego & Soul

#1 Difference

  • Here's something you may not know. Your ego mind operates as a projected self image (personality) driven by beliefs that are fueled by emotions (primarily negative emotions).
  • While your natural Self (the Soul) functions spontaneously from intuition.

The confusion between the urgent proddings of ego mind, or the gentle nudges of the Soul comes down to not being able to discern between your emotions and intuitive feelings. It can take awhile to become adept at telling the difference between the two. But, well worth ANY effort!

#2 Difference

  • A general rule of thumb is that your emotions have a bit of ‘over the top’ glitz and glamor about them. Like a mirage in the desert, emotions can often have a sense of urgency about them and tempt you to chase after them.
  • While intuitive feelings are more subtle and simply arise in the natural course of events. Intuitive hunches frequently come in response to helping you find a solution to a dilemma. Intuitive feelings help you know which direction to take.

There is a gently feeling of flow about intuitive feelings. Overtime, the more you listen and act on your intuitive feelings (the voice of your soul), the stronger your intuition becomes.

#3 Difference

  • Additionally, there’s frequently a deep feeling of satisfaction that comes from following your intuition.
  • On the hand, emotions never seem to quite pan out, or deliver on the hoped for experience they seem to promise.

Have you ever felt you absolutely had to have something, but once you acquire it you never experienced the lasting feeling of satisfaction that you had expected. Momentarily, you may feel somewhat gratified, but it’s never lasting and can leave you feeling let down. Then, you’re off to the next thing. Maybe this time you’ll know lasting fulfillment and happiness.

In other words, the ego mind perpetually runs you around with its empty promises of lasting fulfillment, but never delivers.

One of the primary reasons for this is that who you really are is already complete and thus fulfilled. You lack for nothing. Whereas, the ego mind tells you, you aren’t good enough as you are. You have to do something to earn a feeling of self worth and you keep falling for this ruse.

The Dilemma

How do you get to the root of self sabotaging negative beliefs and eliminate them when they operate at an unconscious level?

Simple Step to Change

To instantly shift this scenario and settle into the natural state of feeling fulfilled (that you were born with) simply shift away from any ‘thought’ or ‘story’ for 30 seconds. Allow yourself to be in a space of ‘no thought’ for a short 30 seconds. That’s all it takes.

The egoic mind is such a flimsy, weak and unstable structure that it cannot sustain its resistance for more than 30 seconds. You may have to repeat frequently at first, but the mind is destined to fail. It has no power except what you give it.

Letting Go of Resistance

Thoughts and stories always create resistance, no matter if they seem pleasant and happy, or appear as a fearful story. The feeling of ‘resistance’ you get comes from not accepting what is happening in the moment. Rather than flowing with events you resist them. You want to be some place else, or experience something else, other than what is happening now.

As you learned in Essential Oils for Healing Negative Emotions +6 Types of Fear & 16 Common Personality Traits ‘resistance’ is the telltale sign of the emotion of fear at work.

Signs the Intuition is at Work

So, an easy way to know if it is your egoic mind at work prompting you take action, or your intuition, simply apply this simple test to find out.

If you’re able breathe and relax easily then it is your intuition at work. If you can allow yourself to be still, quiet and present in the moment then it is the voice of your intuition guiding you. In other words, you will know the egoic mind is not actively at work in the situation.

If, however, you cannot be calm and still in the moment, then you know the egoic mind is at work.

There is nothing more you need to do. The moment you surrender and embrace/accept where you are and allow everything to just be, is when you will automatically shift the mind’s attention to your natural state of awareness which is always present with its peaceful, supportive and calming influence.

Inhaling pure essential oils can help you to relax and make this shift to your natural state of peaceful presence and awareness more easily.

The oil I recommend most for supporting this shift: 

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)

Aromas: Fresh, sweet, fruity, citrus, spicy and floral

Chemical Family: Monoterpene, Ester, Monoterpenol

  • Promotes calm and relaxation
  • Helps lift the mood
  • Has a calming and balancing effect on the mind and emotions
  • Highly prized in the perfume industry

It takes only a second to create a bit of free space and become aware of your always present natural Self (Soul). Simply breathe and relax into the present moment, accepting whatever is happening.

With repetition it will become easier to unplug from habitual egoic mind patterns of fear and subsequent resistance. Eventually you will develop a habit of creating ‘free’ space and more easily shift your focus of attention to your natural Self (Soul). This 'free' space will grow and expand overtime and the egoic mind’s hold over you will naturally begin to dissolve. 

Take your time to get clear and centered before responding to any life event, no matter how urgent things may feel. You will find in many cases that things just naturally resolve themselves.

You will face challenges to transforming and healing your negative emotions and the shadowy elements of unconscious conditioning and repeating mind stories.

These challenges prepare you for living the life you were born to live. What is yours will come to you in life.

“Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try as you may. Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to prevent it. This is certain. The best course, therefore, is to remain silent.” -Ramana Maharshi Indian Hindu sage and jivanmukta (liberated being)

Now you know how easy it is to allow the spark of your own Divine intuition to activate what’s just beneath the surface and awaiting realization.

Additionally, the act of focusing your mind to be in the present moment will have the effect of deepening your faith and capacity for being a loving influence in life. Taking a moment to be present in the moment will help neutralize the effects of negative emotions and the unfortunate effect of shadow possession by the egoic mind.

The #1 Thing that Separates Winners & Losers

You must be strong and learn to trust and interpret everything that happens as conspiring for you, on your behalf. This is the single most important distinction between those who succeed in life and those who fail.

4 Takeaways

  • Winners always see everything that happens as preparing them to face challenges on the road to success.
  • A winner develops the character qualities and success habits necessary to realize the life and destiny they are born to live.
  • You must become alert to triggers as they start. With practice you can learn to disrupt and even break your habitual patterns of reacting to automatic triggers before momentum sets in.
  • When the habitual pattern of response gains hold you lose consciousness and the ability to take 'free' space for acting and responding from clarity. You become reactive and start spinning your habitual egoic mind stories. It's a real trap and can be a vicious cycle!

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