Capricorn Full Moon Astrology

Capricorn Full Moon
July 21, 2024

What’s It All About?

Yes, we have two Capricorn full moons in a row. Certainly highlighting the completion cycle we are in with old structures and ways ending. Pluto's final transit in Capricorn and Conjunction to the Capricorn Full Moon also marks the significance of the endings now taking place. Top down authoritarian structures, might makes right and dominance of those weaker in society must now give way to the new collective awareness/consciousness awakening and coming online.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn the planet that brings structure and foundations to your earthly affairs through limitation and restriction. Structures give stability to society with laws, rules and regulations which give rise to governing systems.

Every entrepreneurial or corporate endeavor needs to establish a foundation for how things will operate if it is to succeed. Most importantly these governing systems must function in a just and harmonious way for all members of its culture in order for them to be united towards a common purpose and to get along to ensure 'long term' generational success. 

Saturn is the stern taskmaster of the zodiac and governs the sign of Capricorn which rules the 10th house of career and status in the world. Ambition and achievement are key concerns when the 10th house, Capricorn and Saturn are highlighted in one’s chart.

Areas of interest and especial focus for you will be your life calling, career/profession, your position of authority at work and status in the world, recognition and rewards, marriage status and parenthood.

You could be celebrating, or severing ties at this time related to any of the matters ruled by Saturn and the 10th house.

Do you feel in control of your destiny? That is the primary question of importance at this time.

What’s Up in Your Chart?
Tips for how the Capricorn Full Moon may affect you personally.

Everyone has the Capricorn influence in one, or more areas of their chart. Here are a few areas of your chart where you can experience the Capricorn Full Moon influence:

  • What house is Capricorn located in your chart? This is where you will experience the Capricorn Full Moon’s most affect/influence.
  • Where (what house) is Saturn located in your chart and what planets aspect it (when you were born and currently by transit)
  • Saturn is also the old ruler of Aquarius which rules the 11th house of friends and associations.
  • Saturn is currently transiting the sign of Pisces which rules the 12th house.
  • This means the 10th, 11th and 12th houses are activated by the Capricorn Full Moon and subject to some sort of illumination, celebration and completion/release/letting go/ending.
  • The moon moves quickly through each sign and house, so whatever happens, though it may leave a lasting impact upon your psyche, the emotions will be transient. If you feel anxious, or emotionally tense at the Capricorn Full Moon, it may be best to let your emotions settle first before acting. Wait until you feel calm and grounded, not in a triggered emotionally reactive state.
  • Chiron is about to Station Retrograde (exact July 26th). The Centaur Chiron has been slowing down for the past week to ten days. During this time, and for another week to two weeks until the Leo New Moon, you may experience a tremendous purging of emotions. It’s a very sensitive period of time. Get support from a friend, or family member if you need it, or even a professional counselor. Spiritual support is absolutely essential if you’re feeling low and depressed spirits. It’s a time when you can cleanse your internal house of suppressed emotions.
  • An Emotional Detox Ritual can be helpful for processing and expelling negative, repressed emotions, fears and worries.

Check out Meaning of the 12 Houses of the Zodiac to find out more about how the Capricorn Full Moon may influence you personally.

Capricorn Full Moon Astrology

  • 29° 08’ Capricorn Full Moon
    Sunday, July 21, 2:16am PT 

Moon (Capricorn) Conjunct Pluto (0° Aquarius) Oppose the Sun in Cancer and Sextile Neptune Rx (Pisces) 
Venus (Leo) Sextile Jupiter (Gemini)
Mercury (Leo) Square Uranus (Taurus)
Mars (Gemini) Trine Pluto Rx (Aquarius)
Chiron Stationary Retrograde (exact July 26, 2023)

An opportunity for the sudden realization of a dream, or idealized future may come. There’s a strong inclination to serve society at large. Social values are strong while individual concerns carry less weight. This can result in your feeling unseen, or left behind in some way. This is a great moon for deepening in your own sense of self-worth and trusting your own inner values.

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