Bergamot Properties, Actions & Effects - Emotional Balance

bergamot-wiki-creative-commons-public-domain-copyright-expired-koeh-183BERGAMOT ( Citrus bergamia )

Chemical class: Ester, Monoterpene, Alcohol

Biochemicals & Archetypes: Monoterpenes (the Athlete), Alcohols (the Lovers), Esters (the Transformer), Aldehydes (the Cleaners).

Properties, Actions & Effects(based upon its chemical profile/properties Bergamot oil is known to have the following actions & effects).

Analgesic - pain relief
Antibacterial - inhibits bacterial growth or kills bacteria (strep, staphpyogenic, meningitis)
Antidepressant - alleviates or prevents depression, lifts mood, counters melancholia, reduces anxiety
Anti-inflammatory - controls, alleviates inflammation resulting from injury or infection
Antifungal - destroys or inhibits growth of fungus
Anthelmintic - expel parasitic worms
Antimicrobial - an agent that resists or destroys pathogenic microbes (virus and bacteria).
Antiparasitic - destroys, or inhibits parasites.
Antiseptic - prevents, halts infection (mouth throat gargles).
Antispasmodic - calms nervous and muscular spasms, for colic, pain and indigestion
Antitoxic - counteracts toxins or poisons
Astringent - causes contraction of organic tissues
Carminative - prevents and relieves bloating & gas in the stomach and intestines
Cicatrizant - promotes healing through the formation of scar tissue
Cordial - tending to revive, cheer or invigorate
Deodorant - removes and conceals unpleasant scents and bodily odors
Diuretic - promotes production of urine (though the herb is more effective)
Disinfectant - prevents and combats spread of germs
Diuretic - promotes formation urine, aids flushing body toxins, breaking down fats
Expectorant - helps promote the removal of mucus from respiratory system
Fibrifuge - fever reducer
Halitosis - offensive breath
Insecticide - kills bugs and insects
Laxative - relieves constipation
Regulator - an agent that helps balance and regulate the functions of the body.
Relaxant - soothing, causing relaxation, relieving strain or tension
Rubefacient - increases circulation to reliever pain
Sedative - soothing, calming, tranquilizing effect, reduces anxiety, irritability & stress
Stimulant -
an agent that quickens the physiological functions of the body, temporarily increases body or organ function, good for convalescence, poor circulation, listlessness, physical fatigue
Tonic - digestive, Central Nervous System (CNS)


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