Are You Concerned About Breast Health for Yourself or Someone You Love? How to Keep Your Breast Healthy!

Breasthealth_chris_mole_designFirst off it is important for both men and women to attend to regular Breast Health Care for enhancing breast tissue health. Many people do not realize that men have breast tissue, but they do.

And, though it is much less common, men can develop breast cancer.

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Breast Health Care for enhancing your breast tissue health, as well as cancer prevention, including a regular breast self-examination is highly recommended for both men and women.

Why is performing a regular breast massage on your self so beneficial?

A regular breast health self-exam increases your personal awareness about changes in your breast and is considered one of the most important methods for detection of breast cancer in its early stages.

Practicing regular breast health care may include performing a regular breast massage on your self.

A regular breast massage on your self sends an important message of self love and acceptance which are fundamental to good health!

A regular breast massage is also very helpful for learning to recognize and get comfortable with normal breast changes that occur during your monthly hormonal cycle as fluctuations occur. Normal breast changes may include natural lumpiness of your breast.

A key factor discovered in preserving and promoting healthy breast tissue is the consistent flow of lymph fluid or lymphatic drainage within and surrounding your breast.

The lymphatic fluid or lymph serves the purpose of removing cellular debris, toxins and waste-by-products of normal cellular function. As well lymph carries immune cells for fighting against infection and rogue tissue growth, like cancer.

The lymphatic system exists throughout your body and has 1/3 more length than the blood vascular or circulatory system. Unlike the circulatory system with its heart to pump blood, the lymph system does not have a single pump to move its fluids.

What moves your lymph? Movement!

The continuous action of muscular contraction squeezes on lymph vessels to move lymph fluid throughout the lymphatic system. If there is prolonged restriction or tightness of tissues, lymph builds up and inflammation can occur.

breast_publicdomain2Much research supports the idea that when women wear bras they restrict the normal flow of lymph fluid within the breast tissue. Because the lymphatic system is responsible for the removal of toxins from your body researchers' have concluded that restricting the flow of lymph has the potential for contributing to the development of breast cancer, as well as other uncomfortable breast tissue conditions.

To insure healthy lymph flow and drainage and to promote healthy breast tissue regular movement, exercise and stretching are absolutely essential, as well as practicing breast health care which includes giving your self a regular breast massage.

PLEASE NOTE: Your open readiness to discuss any unusual breast tissue changes you may find with your doctor is also very important.

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Love -KG xo

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