5 Super Oils to Balance the 5 Elements 
Relieve Symptoms of Physical and Emotional Distress

Essential Oils to Balance the 5 Elements

Using essential oils to bring balance to the 5 elements is a simple, direct and easy way to apply the healing benefits of using essential oils in your daily life.

In this post you’re going to learn THE best super oils to use to bring balance back to your 5 elements and relieve symptoms of physical, mental and emotional distress.

First though let’s talk about food cravings and addictions and what they have to do with an imbalance of the 5 elements.

Food cravings and addictions are frequently associated with many modern day diseases. Many modern day diseases, like diabetes type 2,  heart disease, stroke and obesity, are considered lifestyle diseases. Meaning they are caused by poor dietary choices and lack of movement.

Do you know why you crave or can get addicted to certain foods? One of the overlooked key reasons that you get an urge for eating certain foods is that your body is wanting to balance a particular element. Cravings can be a way your body signals you that it is lacking certain nourishment. It’s very likely that satisfying your natural urges for certain tastes and smells can be helpful for keeping your 5 elements and organ meridians in balance.

Certainly, satisfying your sense of smell and taste has a soothing and balancing effect on the 5 elements and organ meridians.

Our hunter gatherer ancestor’s natural sense of smell and taste certainly guided them to eat the foods and enjoy the herbs and aromatic scent of plants that would nourish them most. Their sense of taste and smell were absolutely essential for their survival in the wild. Everything they ate was collected in its natural form and often eaten whole and raw, until they discovered how to make fire.

Today, however, we are inundated with chemical additives and processed foods that can wreak havoc on the delicate balance of our body’s 5 elements and organ meridians. Not to mention short circuiting the subtle signals our body sends to guide us as to what tastes and smells will nourish us most. We’ve all but lost this natural ability to know what to eat that’s best to support and enhance our health.

Plus, processed foods with artificial ingredients, flavors and scents, that emulate the real thing, will only you give you momentary satisfaction. Artificially produced foods and essential oils will never have the same long lasting, beneficial and balancing effects for your organ meridians that whole natural foods can provide. For instance, what I call cheat sweets, not only are less satisfying, but also intensify your craving for sweet taste rather than satisfy it.

Each of the 5 elements is associated with one of your five senses of taste:

Sweet (earth)
Sour (wood)
Bitter (fire)
Salty (water)
Pungent (metal)

Satisfying each of your five senses of taste with whole natural foods and scents helps keep your organ meridians in balance and functioning at their best. Whole and natural always promotes harmony and health for your entire being, body, mind, spirit and emotions. Of course if you're allergic to a food, or its toxic for your particular body, then you'll want to avoid it, right, no matter if it's whole and natural.

Most foods (and essential oils) will never contain just one exclusive taste or smell, but there will always be a predominant flavor and aroma.

That is why it’s recommended that you eat a balanced diet with a variety of flavors and aromas to maintain nutritional balance and the balance of your 5 elements. Rotating your foods and not eating the same foods, or inhaling the same essential oil scents daily, can also help ensure balance for your 5 elements.

What are the 5 elements and organ meridians?

When your 5 Elements get out of balance the flow of chi (life force energy) that serves all of your organ and meridians (subtle energy pathways) can get blocked. Stagnation results in symptoms of distress and poor health.

Your meridians are the channels through which your e-motion (energy in motion) flows. The natural and free flow of life force energy (your e-motion, or energy in motion) coursing through your meridians supports and ensures your health and longevity. While blocked or suppressed e-motion results in clogged meridian channels and imbalances for your health.

In classic Oriental, or Chinese medicine all disease is seen as disordered elements. The Chinese understood back more than 2,000 years ago that restoring balance to the 5 elements and the harmonious flow of Chi through your organ meridians was at the heart of robust health and longevity.

Adaptogenic oils to Balance the 5 Elements

Also known as regulators, adaptogenic oils have a regulating/balancing effect. These super oils will increase or decrease the action of an element and the flow of chi in an organ meridian as needed.

You can use these oils in your food preparation, as well inhale their scent to encourage balance to an imbalanced element. You can also use them suitably diluted in a carrier oil, like fractionated light coconut oil, for safe skin application at an area of discomfort.

Adaptogenic Super Oils
Regulate Excess or Weak Action in Organ Meridian

Fire Element Meridians
The Power of Fire is transformation. Key signs of imbalanced fire element are poor appetite and digestion. Bitter tasting foods increase fire. Many leafy green foods are bitter tasting, i.e. kale, collards and mustard greens.

Organ Meridian Channels
Small Intestines (Yang) and Heart (Yin), also includes Triple Warmer (Yang) and Pericardium (Yin)

Properties of Fire Element 
SEASON: summer
TASTE: bitter
EMOTION: joy/sadness
BODY PARTS: heart, Pericardium, circulation, hormones, blood vessels, tongue, small intestine
COLOR: red
CHAKRA: Third (Manipura) Solar Plexus

Related physical symptoms of imbalance include
Light headedness
Heart Palpitations
Poor circulation
Frozen Shoulder
Chest pain
Dark circles under eyes
Hardening of the arteries
Hearing difficulties
High or low blood sugar
Cold sores
Dry hair and skin
Mouth ulcers
Poor circulation
Restricted diaphragm
Poor muscle tone
Heart attack
Dislikes heat

Related emotional stagnation or blockage includes
Feelings of shame
Need for approval
Fear of responsibility
Commitment issues.

Essential Oils to Balance Fire Element
Click on oil to find out more and for any safety cautions

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Earth Element Meridian
The Power of Earth is to be awakened. 
A balanced earth element supports healthy survival instincts and a feeling of being grounded and connected. Sweet is the taste associated with the earth element. As mentioned earlier, most foods are classified as sweet. The complex sweet flavors like grains, beans, dairy products and meat are more satisfying to the earth element. While simple sweets are less satisfying. Examples are honey, sweet fruits and juices. Simple sweets intensify your craving for sweet rather than satisfy it. Other examples of sweet foods include, cooked onions and cabbage, yams, carrots, parsnips and fruits.

Organ Meridian Channels
Stomach (yang), Spleen (yin)

Properties of Earth Element
SEASON: Indian summer
TASTE: sweet
EMOTION: desire/worry
BODY PARTS: stomach, spleen, muscles, mouth
COLOR: yellow
CHAKRA: First (Muladhara) Root

Related physical symptoms of imbalance include
Heart Burn
Shoulder and neck tension
Stomach ulcer
Food allergies
Sweet cravings
Poor lymph circulation
Frequent urination
Low blood sugar
Bed wetting
Prostate and Hemorrhoid conditions

Related emotional stagnation or blockage include
Feelings of fear that comes from alienation from one’s tribe, community or family, or even from one’s self
Sense of isolation, abandonment, or not belonging

Essential Oils to Balance the Earth Element
Click on oil to find out more and for any safety cautions

Galbanum (Ferula galbaniflua)

Metal Element Meridians
The Power of Metal is movement and integration. A balanced metal element supports you to experience enduring compassion and generosity for yourself and others. The metal element is increased by pungent foods like ginger, garlic, raw onion, wasabi and spices.

Organ Meridian Channel
Large Intestine (Yang) and Lung (Yin)

Properties of Metal Element 
SEASON: autumn
TASTE: pungent
EMOTION: grief
BODY PARTS: lungs, large intestine, skin, nose
COLOR: white
CHAKRA: Fourth (Anahata) Heart

Related physical imbalances include
Cardio-vascular and respiratory problems
Heart disease
Lung and breast cancer
Thoracic spine
Heart disease
Shoulder girdle pain and discomfort
Rotator cuff injuries
Carpal tunnel
Arm and hand pain
Chronic restrictions in the upper back and thoracic area

Related emotional stagnation or blockage include
Unresolved grief
Disappointment and loss that manifests as insensitivity
Depression (anger turned inward)
Lack of forgiveness
Being emotionally closed

Essential Oils to Balance Metal Element 
Click on oil to find out more and for any safety cautions

Frankincense/Olibanum Oil (Boswellia carterii)

Water Element Meridians
The Power of Water is to overcome obstacles and act with integrity. Cooling and moistening, the water element nourishes kidneys and bladder and helps maintain fluid balance. A balanced water element supports you to trust the natural flow of life, giving and receiving in equal measure without difficulty. You are relaxed, calm and at ease with your life. Salty taste is associated with the water element. Too much salt and you may exhibit signs of excess like hypertension (high blood pressure). While too little and your body does not adequately absorb and utilize water and becomes dehydrated.

Organ Meridian Channels
Bladder (Yang) and Kidney (Yin)

Properties of Water Element
SEASON: winter
TASTE: salty
BODY PARTS: kidneys, bladder, ears, bones, nails
COLOR: black
CHAKRA: Second (Svadhisthana) Sacral / Spleen

Related physical symptoms imbalance include
Hot feet
Leg pain
Lumbar tension
Low back pain
Chronic fatigue
Underarm and foot odor
Hammer and Pigeon toes
Low or high blood sugar
Bed wetting
Kidney and bladder infection
Immune disorders
Skin conditions
Swelling and edema
Sweaty palms and feet
Low energy
Chronically stressed
Dark circles under eyes
Salt craving
Sensitive to cold
Irritable bowel
Painful urination
Urinary tract infection
Tight hamstrings
Prostate conditions
Addictions of all kinds

Related emotional symptoms of imbalance include
Feelings of guilt or rejection
Can attract toxic environmental conditions (both internal and external) that      trigger states of anxiety, fear and worry.
May be locked into power struggles with self or others
Experience issues of rejection and victimization, jealousy and mistrust
Need for protection often prevalent

Essential Oils to Balance Water Element
Click on oil to find out more and for any safety cautions

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Wood Element Meridians
The Power of Wood is to regulate and restore. The wood element has cooling action and promotes digestion, enzyme secretion and liver function. A balanced wood element supports you to trust in the life process and taking full responsibility for your life. You feel strong, stable, motivated, and disciplined and able to easily fuel yourself with inspiration. Sour foods include fermented foods like yoghurt and sauerkraut, lemon and umeboshi plum.

Organ Meridian Channels
Gall Bladder (Yang) and Liver (Yin)

Properties of Wood Element
SEASON: spring
TASTE: sour
EMOTION: anger
BODY PARTS: liver, gall-bladder, eyes, tendons
COLOR: green
CHAKRA: Third (Manipura) Solar Plexus

Related physical symptoms of imbalance include
Abdominal bloating
Digestive upsets
Breast tenderness
Coated tongue
Excessive bleeding
Irregular and painful menses
Gall Stones
Leg Edema
Soft nails
Stiff neck and shoulders
Skin conditions
Varicose veins
Uterine fibroids

Related emotional symptoms of imbalance include
Feelings of guilt or shame
Fear and worry
Extreme self-criticism
Unrealistic expectations of yourself and others

Essential Oil to Balance Wood Element
Click on oil to find out more and for any safety cautions

Himalayan Cedarwood, (Cedrus deodora)

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