Mercury Retrograde Dates 2021 +Essential Oils to Use & EO Recipe

Mercury retrograde usually happens 3-4 times a year. 

Mercury represents your conscious, everyday, thinking mind. Just as Mercury ‘appears’ to start going backward in the sky, your conscious, everyday thinking mind, can also take an about face and shift backward, as well. When a planet Stations Retrograde the planet is said to be asleep. You enter the dreamtime when your intuition becomes heightened.

When Mercury is Retrograde much information can come to awareness. Clarity for implementing changes may only come after Mercury Stations Direct.

Secret to Mercury Retrograde

The secret, if there is one, is to stay in your heart and trust life to take you where you need to be at any given moment. To the rational programmed and conditioned mind (both conscious and subconscious) this can feel very out of control and irresponsible. If you’re overly invested in the illusion of being in control of life’s happenings then you can feel very out of sorts during Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury in Air Signs

In 2021 Mercury Retrograde occurs in air signs. You can experience more mental confusion than usual during the year, especially during the Mercury Retro cycles 

The power of air is movement and integration. Your mind may be much more expansive and the flow of ideas and mental chatter much more pronounced. The spread of hearsay and gossip can be rampant. Excitability is literally in the air.

When your air element is balanced you are an open channel for love and compassion for yourself and others. The air element governs the heart chakra and its organ meridians.

Doing things that help you feel and stay connected will keep you in touch and grounded with reality, and not subject to any extraneous passing turbulence. Touching and being touched, as well various kinds of physical activity are encouraged, especially during the 2021 Mercury Retrograde periods.

Your ability to experience JOY and the feeling of enjoyment that comes from just being alive are more available now. The challenge will be to  stay balanced and grounded, so you can experience the gifts on tap.

You can accomplish much during this year's Mercury Retrogrades. You can attract more experiences of abundance, prosperity and sharing, as well as self love and acceptance if you can keep yourself focused in ways that positively channel the incredible release of energy activated during these times.

Extreme weather patterns are possible (Mercury rules weather). Increased dry and hot conditions and strong gale force winds are more likely this year. Mercury Retrograde will be activating dramatic change and movement around the globe in 2021. 

The air element is more active in the autumn, so this is the time of the year in 2021 when we may see the most unsettled currents initiating cultural change worldwide. 

The primary emotion of the air element is grief which can spell tremendous loss for some individuals, communities, or nations. The gift from loss is that it ushers in much needed new growth and fresh new beginnings. 

You'll want to pay especial attention to keeping your respiratory and digestive systems healthy. It can be a great year for performing various cleanses and restorative routines and exercises. Be especially mindful that you stay well-hydrated this year with plenty of pure, fresh water. Fresh water will help you stay cool and wet if you're feeling overly parched.

The air/wind element is warming, dispersing and drying. Cooling and wet oils can be the antidote if you're feeling too much mental expansion. With Saturn and Jupiter hooking up in the early degrees of Aquarius, mid-December 2020, you'll get a strong hit of the type of energy being unleashed in 2021. This mental/air energy will be more pronounced during the Mercury Retrograde periods in 2021. 

2021 is an especially good year for changing attitudes and beliefs and for healing emotional wounds. It's a great year for performing forgiveness rituals like Ho'oponopono. The wind/air element will help you to release feelings of heaviness, sadness, despair and depression. This year you can connect more deeply with others and resolve feelings of being unloved and unlovable. These are all positive potentials available to you if you can stay balanced and adapt to the changes occurring.

Mercury Retrograde 2021 Dates

  • January 30-February 20 in Air Sign Aquarius
    On January 30th Mercury at 26° 27’  Stations Retrograde. Mercury enters his Shadow, the degree to which he will Retrograde back to, on January 15th at 11° 04’ Aquarius. Mercury Stations Direct at this same degree on January 21st.

  • May 29-June 22 in Air Sign Gemini
    On May 29th Mercury at 24° 41’ Gemini Stations Retrograde. Mercury enters his Shadow, the degree to which he will Retrograde back to, on May 15th at 16’ 09' Gemini. Mercury Stations Direct at this same degree on June 23rd.

  • September 27-October 18 in Air Sign Libra
    On September 27th Mercury at 25° 28’ Libra Stations Retrograde. Mercury enters his Shadow, the degree to which he will Retrograde back to, on September 6th at 10° 09’ Libra. Mercury will Station Direct at this degree on October 18th.

The 3 KEY Essential Oils for you to use during ANY Mercury Retrograde (find out more about each below).

  • Lemongrass
  • Frankincense
  • Ylang Ylang III

    3 Best Essential Oils for 2021 
    These essential oils are especially useful for unstable or extreme mental states that may occur during the 2021 Mercury Retrograde cycles. Use them alone, or in a blend. 

    Generally, if you wanted to choose just one essential oil of the three I recommend Clary Sage. Its regulating action can help you stay balanced and adapt to the changing currents that will be especially active this year. 

    Clary Sage (Savia sclarea)
    Scent: Sweet, warm, herbaceous, exotic and sensual

    • Broad spectrum of uses
    • Supports healthy immune system
    • Relaxing, soothing and calming influence
    • Promotes deep release of tension
    • Helpful for rejuvenation of dry skin
    • Help balance excessive yin states
    • Aphrodisiac developed for the perfume industry
    • May be useful as a sleep aid

    Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)
    Sweet, floral, balsamic, exotic, sensual and earthy

    • Cultivated for the perfume trade like Jasmine and Rose oil
    • Potent soothing and relaxing properties
    • Skin nourishing and rejuvenating
    • Useful for beauty and skin care
    • Promotes anxiety relief
    • Balancing and calming effect on the mind and emotions
    • Brightens and cheers the disposition.
    • Helps regulate the mood

    Peppermint (Mentha x piperita)
    Scent: Fresh, minty and sweet

    • Regulating influence has a relaxing or invigorating effect depending upon the circumstance and amount used
    • Cools hot conditions
    • Helpful for relieving tension and stress
    • May be useful for relieving occasional digestive upset
    • Supports a healthy respiratory system
    • Promotes healthy digestion
    • Supports a healthy immune system
    • Frequently used as an energy tonic
    • Promotes an increase of blood, lymph and nerve fluids
    • Great for skin care, can be used to relieve dry, itchy skin
    • Provides a restorative and rejuvenating influence
    • May be useful for soothing stomach queasiness
    • May help alleviate confusion and over-thinking

    2021 Mercury Retrograde Formula
    To a 5ml euro-dropper bottle (100 drops) add:

    • Clary Sage - 40 drops
    • Ylang Ylang III - 40 drops
    • Ginger - 20 drops

    Cap bottle tightly and shake vigorously to thoroughly mix oils together. Allow to synergize for 12 hours or longer before using.

    Here's more on the 3 KEY Essential Oils to use during ANY Mercury Retrograde.

    Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)
    Scent: Fresh, sweet, lemony and herbaceous.

    • Calming influence, useful when you’re feeling overwhelmed.
    • Helps you release mental and emotional blockages.
    • Promotes positive, feel good vibes.
    • Supports a 'go with the flow' mindset.
    • Helps you relax when you’re feeling uptight.
    • Helps relieve a too rigid mental attitude.

    Frankincense (Boswellia frereana or Boswellia carterii
    Scent; Sweet, warm, balsamic, resinous, woody, exotic and sensual.

    • Holy oil from ancient time when it was considered more valuable than gold.
    • Promotes integrity with yourself. 
    • Helps you breathe more deeply.
    • Supports an intuitive state of mind.
    • Helps you build mental stamina.

    Ylang Ylang III (Cananga odorata)
    Scent: Sweet, floral, balsamic, exotic, sensual and earthy.

    • Helps you stay calm and relaxed under pressure.
    • Useful for dispelling fear, nervousness, worry and anxiety.
    • Promotes release of tension and stress.
    • Supports a more receptive, intuitive mindset.


    Use the mercury retrograde oil to prevent or ameliorate the mercury retrograde effect and soften any harsh planetary influences during that time.

    "This is a fantastic anti-Mercury Retrograde oil. I used it, and had a great Mercury Retrograde. It helps you get the most out of the Mercury retrograde cycle." -Yasmin Boland, Astrologer and Best-selling Author, "Moonology: Working With the Magic of the Lunar Cycles."

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