Future of Earth 21st Century Renaissance Birth of New Era +Astrology & EOs to Use

The impulse for a New Renaissance and Rebirth is being activated worldwide. This article outlines the potential being birthed at this time. What will our collective humanity do with this newly arising opportunity? More importantly, what will you do? What will your contribution be to birth a better world?

"Renaissance" is a French word meaning “rebirth." We are on the threshold of a new era. A period of time is dawning when, like the European Renaissance, people at a collective level start taking an interest in learning, appreciating and emulating the ways of nature and science to bring global harmony and balance.

This new era heralds a time of "rebirth" of learning and spiritual awakening to the more subtle realms of reality. For instance, rather than operating from old paradigms that stagnate progress towards ending pollution, there is the ‘potential’ for a turning of the tides to support science and direct evidence-based experience and to do whatever is necessary to bring balance.

The start of this New 21st Century Renaissance period is extremely important as we are laying the foundation for a fresh ‘new age’ that will support ground-breaking exploration and the development of new technologies, including space age technologies. Collective participation in this new era can bring development of new artistic forms, scientific exploration, and technology. This new impulse is coming at the best possible time in history. It will help revitalize world economies.

Characteristics of the New Renaissance 

  • Renewed interest in classical methods of natural healing, i.e. plant and subtle energy-based medicines like acupuncture and Reiki, herbs, essential oils, etc.
  • Rise in humanistic philosophy that values nature, the human being’s inherent self worth and individual dignity.
  • Radical new ways of thinking about nature, religion, politics, and science.

The New Renaissance is giving birth to people who share common values like individual freedom, healthy questioning and skepticism, well-rounded development rather than specializations that currently separate branches of science, horticulture and medicine. Shared information will help us evolve and make necessary changes more rapidly.

The rise of new collectively shared values will come to be reflected in expanding technologies, architecture, transportation systems, writing, art, science and every aspect of our daily human lives.

What’s Triggering this Renaissance & Birth of a New Era

On December 21, 2020 Jupiter will form a Great Conjunction at 1° Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn are the Builders of Society. The Great Conjunction is set to shake things up politically, socially and at personal levels. It is an intense period of time when, like a pregnant woman’s labor pains, precedes the birth of a New Era worldwide. It is a time when old collective forms die away and new fertile growth starts to take shape. 

The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn happens every twenty years and is always important. Throughout history the great conjunction has coincided with significant historical events.

However, Saturn and Jupiter’s union in 2020 has extraordinary significance. The Great Conjunctions happen primarily in a particular element for an extended 'era' of time. Now the meeting of these two planets is shifting to primarily Air signs for the next 139 years, starting with Aquarius. 

  • For instance, Jupiter and Saturn Conjunct happened primarily in water signs from the start of the 15th century until the beginning of the 17th century.
  • After which, Jupiter and Saturn Conjunct happened primarily in fire signs from the start of the 17th century until the beginning of the 19th century.
  • Now we are culminating the Saturn and Jupiter conjunctions that started July 21,1802 and happened primarily in earth signs since that time. The final Great Conjunction in Taurus (Earth Sign) occurred on May 28, 2000.
  • After the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on December 21, 2020, there will continue to be conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn primarily in Air Signs until 2159.

What Makes this Great Conjunction Especially Intense?

At the time of the Great Conjunction Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius (Air Sign) will also Square off with Uranus in Taurus (Earth Sign). Uranus is the Awakener and can bring sudden shocking news/events and exciting new changes to our planet Earth.

  • Jupiter (Aquarius) perfects his Square to Uranus ONLY once just as Uranus Stations Direct on January 14, 2021.
  • Saturn (Aquarius) will Square off with Uranus (Taurus) three times in 2021. The first perfect Square is on February 8, then again on May 23 (active throughout the month of June).
  • The final Square between Saturn and Uranus occurs on Christmas Eve December 24, 2021.
  • Saturn and Uranus will travel close to one another within aspect of a Square formation (but not form an exact square) throughout 2022. So tensions for breakthrough and change continue throughout 2022.

Collective hard-work is indicated with expansion of ideals for creating a future that is based on a completely different set of values. Values that are Aquarian and Air in nature.

Aquarian Values
Utopian ideals
Solidarity and friendship
Unity consciousness
Human kindness and compassion
Philanthropy and humanitarianism
Social conscience
Spiritual awareness
Equality and justice

Equal rights
Technological advancements
Space exploration

Aquarius is associated with information and technology. The social sphere itself will become even more active through networks and social media platforms to facilitate revolution and change in the established order.

Aquarius is about making the world a better place for everyone (all species). There is strong social conscience, combined with an innovative and visionary intelligence. Aquarius is compassionate and caring, but also eccentric and unbound by tradition and convention.

Progress and developing technologies that can revolutionize the world are highly valued and sought out.

We have to learn to negotiate differences without warring and work together for the common good. Us and them camps and special interest groups that vie to control outcomes lose favor.

With the birth of the Metal (Air) Era, prime importance will be given to common human needs and support the potential value and goodness of all human beings. Science and rational ways of solving environmental and human problems will be uppermost.

One of the drawbacks of the Metal (Air) Era may be to disregard the conditioned nature of man and the shadow side of human nature. This can lead to dark elements surfacing that need to be dealt with and transcended as we move forward into the New Era.

The Power of Metal (Air) Element: Movement & Integration

A balanced metal element supports you to experience enduring compassion and generosity for yourself and others. The nature and primary function of your Heart Chakra (the energy center that governs the metal/air element) is to connect you with the kinetic experience of empathy, touching and being touched.

An open, balanced and healthy metal/air element resonates with the feeling state of JOY to attract experiences of abundance, prosperity and sharing. You easily feel self love and acceptance of yourself and others.

Balancing Metal Element Promotes

  • Healing of emotional wounds
  • Letting go of old issues of grief and loss
  • Releasing emotional heaviness, sadness, despair, depression (anger turned inward)
  • Resolving feelings of being unloved or unlovable

#1 Essential Oil to Use for Balancing the Metal (Air) Element
Supports rebirth and balance between conflicting forces.

Frankincense/Olibanum Oil (Boswellia carterii and B. frereana) - Warm, sweet, balsamic, resinous, woody, exotic and sensual with spicy notes

  • A 'Holy' oil used since ancient times when it was traded as a precious commodity like gold
  • Calming properties
  • Promotes healthy immune and respiratory systems
  • Provides spiritual and emotional support
  • Helpful aid for meditative and spiritual practices
  • May be useful for breathing issues
  • Promotes rejuvenation of skin tissue

Generally, the EOs best for balancing the Metal (Air) Element are those that increase warmth, release mucous and congestion (including congested thoughts and emotions), help regulate blood and menstrual flow, relieve cold and flu symptoms and soothe painful conditions like arthritis, rheumatism and fibromyalgia.

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