Rosemary ct verbenon, Rosmarinus officinalis - Organic, Corsica-Single Pure Essential Oil-PurePlant Essentials Rosemary ct verbenon, Rosmarinus officinalis - Organic, Corsica-Single Pure Essential Oil-PurePlant Essentials Rosemary ct verbenon, Rosmarinus officinalis - Organic, Corsica-Single Pure Essential Oil-PurePlant Essentials
  • Rosemary ct verbenon, Rosmarinus officinalis - Organic, Corsica-Single Pure Essential Oil-PurePlant Essentials
  • Rosemary ct verbenon, Rosmarinus officinalis - Organic, Corsica-Single Pure Essential Oil-PurePlant Essentials
  • Rosemary ct verbenon, Rosmarinus officinalis - Organic, Corsica-Single Pure Essential Oil-PurePlant Essentials

Rosemary ct verbenon, Rosmarinus officinalis - Organic, Corsica

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  • Certified Organic.
  • GC/MS Tested 100% Pure and Natural.
  • Grown and distilled in Corsica.
  • Ancient first aid oil of purification and healing.
  • Excellent for beauty and skin care.
  • Powerful restorative oil after long illness.
  • Research shows boosts memory recall.

Botanical/Latin Name: Rosmarinus officinalis
 Steam distilled leaf
How Grown: Certified organic
Location: Corsica
Aromas: Clean, fresh woody and herbal scent with tenacious dry out notes.
Chemical Family: 

A powerful and pungent aroma that’s woody and herbal, Rosemary oil is penetrating to the senses though much less sharp than the cineole variety.

Rosemary oil, ct. verbenon from Corsica is steam distilled from the evergreen shrubs native to this region of Europe. The Corsican Rosemary has a classically clean, fresh verbenon aroma with excellent, tenacious dry out notes.

Small farms in Corsica supply only a few hundred pounds a year from native plants, making this oil an extraordinarily rare specimen to be savored and appreciated.

This aromatic plant has lovely blue flowers and may grow as tall as six feet in height.

Its clean, fresh and penetrating aroma is noticeably different from the cineole variety of Rosemary, which has a higher cineol content and only small trace amounts of verbenon.

Oils grown in the soil of this region of Corsica are known to have higher vebenon content. The verbenon content is known for its potent antimicrobial action. 

Rosemary verbenon's soft fragrance is refreshing, lasting and pleasant. It smells like the fresh picked herb! This is KG Stiles' favorite of all the Rosemary varieties.

Rosemary is a very good first aid oil to have on hand. It is very versatile with a multitude of uses. You can use it alone or in a synergy blend with other essential oils to enhance its effects.

Rosemary oil has the highest hydrogen content of all the essential oils. Its high hydrogen content gives Rosemary verbenon its powerfully stimulating and warming effect.

With its long history of use, Rosemary oil is one of the most highly valued of all the essential oils. It has been considered a 'Holy Oil' since ancient time. Many folk songs attribute deep mystery to its healing properties.

Remnants of the Rosemary plant have been discovered in Egyptian tombs. Its incense was traditionally used by the Egyptians for purification and healing.

Both Greeks and Romans are known to have made wreaths of Rosemary to pay homage and give thanks to the gods.

Rosemary has been used traditionally as a universal healing herb. It was a chief ingredient in the medicines made by the alchemists and early scientists like Paracelsus.

Philosopher-healers of the Renaissance period regarded Rosemary highly and praised its curative benefits. It was used in treating liver, heart, brain and eye disorders.

Through the ages Rosemary has been used to celebrate life and to attract benevolent outcomes. No feast was ever without Rosemary.

A 2013 study was conducted on two control groups in separate rooms. In one room there was a diffuser emitting the scent of rosemary. In the other room there was no diffuser. Both groups had memory exercises to complete. Subjects in the room with the scent of rosemary oil were shown to perform better.

To enhance Rosemary's memory boosting effect, blend it with sweet basil, lemon, peppermint, melissa or atlas cedarwood.

Acne prone skin may respond favorably to the renewing effects of Rosemary verbenon.

Its action can be used to fight infection and promote glandular balance and function. Its skin nourishing effect makes it especially ideal for dry and mature skin.

Rosemary verbenon may be useful treating spider veins.

Gentler and less stimulating than the more traditional cineole rich Rosemary, the verbenon chemotype is frequently recommended by many authorities for its cellular regenerative and nourishing powers.

Rosemary verbenon is excellent for balancing excess sebum production. Use it for contoling oily hair, skin, scalp conditions, and dandruff.

Rosemary has been reported to strengthen and even restore eyesight.

It is said to make the heart merry and take away foolish imaginations.

Psycho-emotionally, rosemary promotes your taking creative action. Use Rosemary verbenon to support breaking free of negative habits. It is especially good for clearing the mind and emotions. 

It may be helpful for dispelling negativity and negative situations, blend with Black Pepper to enhance this effect.

Rosemary verbenon is recommended by many authorities for its cell regenerating powers. It is excellent for physical recovery of one’s energy after prolonged illness.

Traditionally Rosemary was used to RID bad ghosts – bacteria causing illnesses! Rosemary’s powerful antiseptic properties are found in the famous “Vinegar of the Four Thieve’s.”


During a great plague epidemic that swept through Europe there were four robbers who became well-known for robbing the houses of plague victims. When they were finally caught and sentenced to death they were promised their freedom if they gave their secret for how they escaped from catching the deadly pestilence that was sweeping the country. The recipe they gave, which has been documented, included Rosemary.

Rosemary verbenon is a favorite culinary oil for food flavoring and makes an excellent marinade. 

BLEND WITH: Atlas Cedarwood, Basil, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Fennel, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lemongrass, Marjoram, Peppermint.

SUGGESTED USE ON LABEL: Adult: Dispense 1-3 drops on cotton ball or smell strip and inhale, or as directed.

CAUTIONS: Do not apply to or near face of infants or children. Maximum dermal use level 6.5%.

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Bottle Measurements & Number of Applications

Each 5ml bottle contains approximately 7.5ml volume of essential oil (150 drops) 2-3 drops per application or 50-75 applications.

Each 15ml bottle contains approximately 18ml volume of essential (360 drops) 2-3 drops per application or 120-180 applications.

2 Ounce Spray or Ready-to-Use (180-360+ Applications)

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Bottle Sizes

Average use is 1-3 drops per application. See product description or bottle label for more specific usage instructions.

Size Drops* Oz
2.5ml 50 .08
5ml 100 .169
7.5ml 150 .25
10ml 200 .338
15ml 300 .507
18ml 360 .608
30ml 600 1
1/4oz. 148 .25
1/2oz. 295 .5
1oz. 591 1
2oz. 1183 2
4oz. 2366 4
6oz. 3549 6
8oz. 4732 8
12oz. 7098 12
16oz. 9464 16
32oz. 18927 32
64oz. 37854 64

*Drops are approximate based on 0.05 mL per drop.
1 dram = 1/4oz.
2 dram = 1/2oz.

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