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Weight Loss Without Dieting 4-Week Course
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Dieting is now considered the #1 factor in the rising obesity epidemic.
Researchers call this “dieting-induced weight-gain” and it is considered a factor in the increasing obesity epidemic.
Often in your hurry to lose weight, you wreak havoc on your metabolism by dieting. Various dieting tips, tricks and methods might affect your body's ability to metabolize food and burn fat. And, you're constantly plagued by those dreaded food cravings. Breathing in the comforting scent of essential oils can help you curb food cravings, especially sweets and naturally lose unwanted weight.
The research shows that dieting actually increases your body’s tendency to put on weight as your body feels starved for nourishment and will hold on those unwanted pounds. Researchers call this “dieting-induced weight gain.”
A study of more than 2,000 sets of twins from Finland, age 16 to 25 years old, showed that the dieting twins after embarking on just one dieting weight loss plan, were two to three times more likely to become overweight, compared to their non-dieting twins. Furthermore with each subsequent restricted plan to lose weight their risk increased for becoming overweight.
In conclusion researchers agree, “It is now well established that the more people engage in dieting, the more they gain weight in the long-term.”
Restricted food intake or dieting is also associated with food binging, overeating and eating disorders.
In my 4-Week Weight Loss Without Dieting Course I give you the natural alternative to dieting with the use of essential oils. The essential oils I'll share with you have been used successfully to curb your sweet tooth and stop food cravings, as well as boost your metabolism and help you burn fat.
How This Course Program Will Help You Achieve Results
What You Will Learn in this Course:
  • 8 Key Essential Oils for Weight Loss (includes safety).
  • Essential Oil Research & Reasons Why Essential Oils is So Effective at Stopping Food & Sweet Cravings, Increasing Your Metabolism and Burning Fat.
  • Exactly How to Use Essential Oils to Lose Weight Without Dieting.
  • How to Stop Sweet and Food Cravings
  • Reclaim Your Natural Ability to Eat Intuitively and Self-Regulate Your Weight.
  • How to Overcome Food Addictions.
  • Dangers of Hidden Food Allergies and How to Tell if You Have Them.
  • Gain Awareness About Hidden Issues Behind Weight Issues.
  • Greater Understanding About "Food As Medicine”.
  • And More...
This Course Contains:
  • 4 Weekly Video Webinars (approx. 1 hour each) that cover all of the items above.
  • A PDF of each slideshow presented in the Webinars.
  • Additional Handouts for each Lesson (like Weight Loss Formula Recipes, etc.)
  • A 15% off Discount* at PurePlantEssential.com for every Essential Oil Recommended in the Course.
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This course is intended to be a 4-Week Course; One Lesson per week for 4 weeks. Although you can take the course lessons at any time and finish them early, it is recommended to split them out into the suggested 4 week span for best results.
Weight Loss Without Dieting 4-Week Course
Regular Price $297  75% OFF Sale Price: $79! (85% off SRP!)
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