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Aromatherapy Recipe Library BUY 12 BOOK BUNDLE & SAVE By KG Stiles

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What you will learn in this book:

Find Out How To Make Your Own Natural Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Recipes With These 12 Books Filled with Simple, Fun and Easy to Make DIY Essential Oil Health and Beauty Treatments:

  1. Energy Clearing & Chakra Healing Sea Salt Bath
  2. Pamper Body & Soul - Essential Oil Natural Beauty & Health Spa Treatments - Easy to Use Step-by-Step Guide For Professional Massage & Spa Therapists and At-Home
  3. Abundance Oil Book - Prosperity Consciousness for Money & Wealth Attraction
  4. Sleep Easy Solution Book - Natural Insomnia Treatment for Deep & Restful Sleep - Best Essential Oils to Use Guide & Sleep Formulas
  5. Sexy Scents of Desire - Super Charge Your Attractor Factor
  6. The Healthy Hair Book - Stop Hair Loss (Alopecia & Thinning Hair) Plus+ Complete Guide to Healthy Hair Essential Oils
  7. The Natural Allergy Relief Solution - Best Essential Oils to Use & Why
  8. The Essential Oil Weight Loss Book - Healthy Weight Loss Without Dieting - Research Results Prove Effectiveness Plus+ How to Use Guide
  9. Focus Support - Pay Attention & Stay Alert Naturally - Best Essential Oils to Use & Why Plus+ How to Use Treatment Guide
  10. Avocado & Honey Facial Mask For Naturally Beautiful & Healthy Skin
  11. Bartholin Gland Cyst - Natural Treatment with Essential Oil
  12. Natural Tinnitus Relief Remedy - Ringing Ear Relief - Best Essential Oils to Use & Why Plus+ How to Use Treatment Guide

“I can think of no one better to teach aromatherapy than KG Stiles. Her 30 years of experience combined with her passion to assist and facilitate the personal growth and wellness of all is unsurpassed!”
-Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., FAPA, New York Times Best-selling Author, ‘Choices and Illusions.’

“I highly recommend this to all who are interested in holistic curing and the way that aromatherapy can be applied as an effective Mind Body technique.”
-John L. Turner, MD, Neurosurgeon, Author - Medicine, Miracles & Manifestations

“It has been a pleasure working with KG Stiles. She has been a key resource in creating a hospital based Aromatherapy program and educating the staff about the therapeutic principals and applications of essential oils.”
-Linda McGwire, RN, BSN, HNC-B

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Bottle Measurements & Number of Applications

Each 5ml bottle contains approximately 7.5ml volume of essential oil (150 drops) 2-3 drops per application or 50-75 applications.

Each 15ml bottle contains approximately 18ml volume of essential (360 drops) 2-3 drops per application or 120-180 applications.

2 Ounce Spray or Ready-to-Use (180-360+ Applications)

KG Stiles
Founder | Formulator
Aromatherapist to the Stars

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All statements on this website are intended for informational purposes only.

Bottle Sizes

Average use is 1-3 drops per application. See product description or bottle label for more specific usage instructions.

Size Drops* Oz
2.5ml 50 .08
5ml 100 .169
7.5ml 150 .25
10ml 200 .338
15ml 300 .507
18ml 360 .608
30ml 600 1
1/4oz. 148 .25
1/2oz. 295 .5
1oz. 591 1
2oz. 1183 2
4oz. 2366 4
6oz. 3549 6
8oz. 4732 8
12oz. 7098 12
16oz. 9464 16
32oz. 18927 32
64oz. 37854 64

*Drops are approximate based on 0.05 mL per drop.
1 dram = 1/4oz.
2 dram = 1/2oz.

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