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Essential Oil Spa Treatment - Honey Lemon Sugar Scrub

Honey Lemon Sugar Scrub Made with Pure Essential OilThis lovely mixture of honey, sugar, coconut oil and lemon pure essential oil will gently exfoliate your skin while balancing your skin's pH, leaving your skin feeling soft and silky smooth.Lemon pure essential oil boosts the cleansing and skin tonic effects of this Honey Lemon Facial Scrub. It's also a delightfully aromatic spa treatment for the brain. Use Lemon oil to relieve confusion and bring clarity, as well as relieve anxiety and stress. Preferably use ingredients that are organic and pesticide free. 1/2 Cup Sugar (raw brown or white) 1/2 Cup Light Fractionated Coconut Oil (or favorite carrier oil) 4 Tablespoons Raw Honey 4 Teaspoons Lemon Juice (fresh squeezed) 1 Drop Lemon...

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Essential Oil Spa Treatment - Rose Geranium Facial Masque

The avocado and honey in this facial masque recipe tone and nourish your skin while the oats soothe and balance your skin's pH. Learn about Rose Geranium pure essential oil's regulating and balancing properties and why I recommend it for skin care. Use Rose Geranium oil for treating the following skin conditions: acne, burns, bruises, shingles, herpes, eczema, ringworm and dermatitis. Preferably use ingredients that are organic and pesticide free. 1 Ripe Avocado 1/4 Cup Raw Oats 2 Tablespoons Raw Honey 1 Drop Rose Geranium Oil Blend all three ingredients thoroughly together. Use your fingertips to apply your facial masque evenly to your face. Relax in a quiet place as you allow your Rose Geranium facial masque to work its...

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Nutritious Lemon Bars Essential Oil Recipe

Lemon oil rapidly fires up your metabolism and fat burning cells. In this blog you'll learn important facts you'll want to know about Lemon pure essential oil, including its health benefits and the scientific research available, plus a yummy and easy to make lemon bars recipe.Cold pressed from the fresh fruit peel the finest quality Lemon oil is grown and distilled in Italy. The climate of the Mediterranean and Italian soil produce fruits with the most a superior Lemon scent. A fluid oil its color is light yellow to light green. The Lemon tree was imported to Italy (Sicily) from Arabia in the 12th century though its origins were earlier on when it was first cultivated in Asia. The scintillating...

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Feeling Overwhelmed - How to Turn It Around, Conclusion

Learn about German Chamomile's renowned 3,000 year history as a natural pain reliever and the only oil I recommed for soothing Mother's and Newborn Babies. Experience a life visioning meditation assisted by Archangel Michael who is here to help you become free of fear and create the life you desire for yourself. German Chamomile - two species, Matricaria chamomilla & Matricaria recutita, steam distilled from the flowers. The best distillations are from England and Bulgaria. German Chamomile has been a respected oil in use for over 3,000 years. Its aroma is pleasing, light, sweet and slightly herbal similar to chamomile tea. It's comprised primarily of the chemical class sesquiterpenes: chamazulene. High azulene content gives German Chamomile its deep vibrant shade...

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Feeling Overwhelmed - How to Turn It Around, Part 7

Use Ylang Ylang Power of the Divine Feminine to heal hardened emotions of both men & women and experience a Meditation with Archangel Raguel to re-establish harmony within yourself & with others. Ylang Ylang III ( Cananga odorata ) - pronounced "eelang," is steam distilled from the flowers and means flower of flowers. The best distillations are from Madagascar. Traditionally Ylang Ylang blossoms are scattered about the marriage chamber to ensure matrimonial bliss for the newly wed couple. A distinct feminine oil Ylang Ylang is beneficial for healing emotional wounds for both men and women. Use Ylang Ylang oil to soften hardened emotions and an overly masculine drive that may have developed as protective armor from previous emotional trauma. Ylang...

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