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New Year Galactic Lift Off Capricorn New Moon +Angel & EO to Assist

Capricorn New Moon December 23, 2022 What’s It All About? The Capricorn New Moon brings in the 2023 New Year. It’s time to set your New Year’s goals and intentions for the coming year. Hopefully, you took time at the recent Gemini Full Moon to clear away any stagnant energy in preparation for the 2023 New Year. Especially, since 2008 the established structures of society on a global level have been undergoing profound change as humanity gears up to shift to a galactic identity as humans. Capricorn Personality Capricorns are the bosses of the zodiac and are represented by a goat (a sea goat in recent years) on the zodiac wheel. Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, one of the most...

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