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Step Up, a New World Calls to You Virgo New Moon Astrology +Angel Meditation & EO Recipe

What’s it all about? The effects of the Conjunction between Uranus, Mars and the North Node activated at the Leo New Moon last month continue to play out. The events triggered at that time in your life and the world at large will be ongoing through mid-October, or even into next year. That’s because Uranus began slowing down soon after the Conjunction at 18° Taurus and went Stationary Retrograde just a couple of days ago on August 23rd at 18° and will stay at 18° Taurus until mid-October. You can’t possibly miss the changes being ushered in during this time. The Virgo New Moon further augments the new beginnings coming in for you personally and for our world. Keep your...

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Healing Power of Grace Virgo New Moon Astrology +Meditation & EO Recipe

The moon governs security issues and your feelings of emotional safety. At this Virgo new moon your emotional security is all about clarity and order. You may feel a natural impulse arise to organize (or get rid of) anything and everything that feels out of place. Anything chaotic, or that give rise to confusion, may be on the chopping block for elimination. Virgo is the original healer of the zodiac. Many astrologers are now assigning Chiron (the wounded healer) as a co-ruler of Virgo, along with Mercury (the magician and planet of communications and means of connecting). Because Mercury rules the everyday ‘conscious’ mind you may experience more mental chatter than usual at the Virgo new moon. However, health will...

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