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Major Shift in Values Taurus New Moon Astrology

Taurus New Moon May 19,203 What’s It All About? Taurus is usually slow and steady in its pace in life. However, once agitated it will not hesitate to charge at its aggressor. Taurus' natural placement in the zodiac is the second house of personal material resources. What you value may undergo major shifts and fresh new starts at the Taurus New Moon. Gratitude and appreciation are two values most likely to increase during this time period. Your sense of innocence can get renewed if your heart and mind are open to it. Taurus New Moon You might say Taurus is the sign of Mother Nature. Earth Day, now an international celebration, supports environmental awareness and protection of the environment. Earth...

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Taurus New Moon Gateway of Renewal Astrology +Meditation & EO Recipe

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of human love and pleasure. The restaurant, travel and leisure industries can get a welcomed boost of energy and a fresh new start at this time. This particular Taurus New Moon is the gateway leading to a transformative ending in two weeks time at the Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26th. Notice what is falling away now. Significant endings must happen before the rebirth to come at the Annular Solar Eclipse on June 10th just before Solstice. Taurus is an Earth sign. So, all things related to Earth wisdom are up for renewal. Uranus continues his station in Taurus for several more years. Uranus is helping to revolutionize and bring about the...

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