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Are You Absorbing Nutrients from Food? Essential Oils for Digestion & Gut Health 18 Ways to Boost Your Absorption

You may spend a lot of time, energy and money on buying only the healthiest, highest quality, fresh, local and organically grown foods, yet be missing out on the nutrition equation. How much of the nutrients in the food you eat do you actually absorb into your cells? Digestion starts in your mouth where your food is mixed with the enzyme amylase to begin the digestive process. Most digested molecules of food, as well as water and minerals, are absorbed through the small intestines. Turns out the research shows that one of the best ways to not only increase your absorption of nutrients, prolong your life and reduce the age related diseases is ‘eating less.’ In fact, since the 1930s studies...

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Intuitive Eating - Essential Oils to Use

Your intuition is your inner voice that guides you through your life experience. We are born intuitive. It’s natural for  you to have an intuitive voice.The Intuitive Eating fad that’s been created and popularized by Tracy Tylka, and researched for its effectiveness, is definitely a step in the right direction. It’s helping people regain what was lost, contact with their intuition. And, the natural ability to self regulate your weight.  As we’ve become more and more enamored by the development of our intellectual capacities, we’ve lost touch with our own intuitive voice. Dr. Rudolph Steiner, a turn of the 20th century philosopher, founded a holistic spiritual movement called Anthroposophy, which works on the basis that children's creative, spiritual and moral...

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