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Raising Your Emotional Set Point +Silent Witnessing Meditation & EO to Use

This is the final article is this series about healing negative emotions and getting free of the ego mind, and the best essential oils and recipes to use that will help you most. Through this series of blogs you’ve had the opportunity to discover how your ego mind operates. And, how it is fueled by negative emotions and primarily operates in the shadows. Meaning you are unaware that its your ego mind that’s running the show and triggering you to make choices that are frequently not in your true self’s best interest. You need to do a little investigative work of your own to find out if what I’ve shared with you is the truth. Once you capture the culprit...

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5 Stages of Birthing the Soul +Affirmations & Essential Oils to Use

I was first introduced to the stages of incarnation of the soul by Carl Jung's work and later again by Dr. Rudolph Steiner. The challenge facing humankind when incarnating into a body is the soul becoming entangled with the ego mind and losing awareness of itself. In other words the soul begins to believe it is the ego mind. Or, another way to say it, is the ego mind can impersonate the soul. However, you choose to look at it, this means you lose the ability to differentiate your soul from the mind. This inability to differentiate your true nature not only leads to a great deal of confused thinking about life, but also the arrested realization of the soul....

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