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4 Natural Ways to Balance pH Levels Essential Oils to Use +Research

Let’s take a deeper look at pH, including testing your pH, and a few simple things you can do to balance your body’s pH. You may want to read my article about, What is pH balance and why is it important, first before reading today's post.  This is part of my series of articles on, Intuitive Living Using Essentials Oils & Food as Medicine, so I invite you to tune in and listen to your intuition as you read. Is there any information that especially speaks or calls to you? You may wish to follow-up and act on any guidance. Electrochemistry You are an electrochemical being. Your electromagnetic force field, or vital life force, is greatly enhanced by having chemically balanced pH....

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Improve Bone Density

Intuitive Living - Your Practical Intuition at Work Your intuition is constantly at work guiding you. The more you listen and act on its guidance the better it will function for you. As you read this article, notice if any bells or whistles go off inside. Do you have any silent signals causing you to sit up and pay attention? If so, that may well be your intuition talking to you. You may wish to notice if there is any specific information that especially speaks to you and take action. Acidosis Set-up for Disease Chronic, low-grade acidosis can result as we age primarily due to our diet and the decline of renal (kidney) function for eliminating acids. An acid-forming diet...

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