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The Healthy Gut Journey NAHA Interview with KG Stiles

This week I have something special for you, a YouTube Interview I did for the National Association of Holistic Healing (NAHA). On the show I discuss things I've never spoken about before. I reveal my early childhood influences and how I developed an interest in aromatherapy and transformational healing, among many other things. Also, on the show I offer a special discount coupon code NAHALOVE you can use to get 20% OFF any of my courses, or classes. Offer expires August 31, 2019 at 11:59pm PT. Teaser for the show: In the episode we interview award-winning author, clinical aromatherapist, and NAHA Regional Director, KG Stiles, on her latest research for her upcoming book on the topic of a 7-day Healthy...

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Improve Bone Density

Intuitive Living - Your Practical Intuition at Work Your intuition is constantly at work guiding you. The more you listen and act on its guidance the better it will function for you. As you read this article, notice if any bells or whistles go off inside. Do you have any silent signals causing you to sit up and pay attention? If so, that may well be your intuition talking to you. You may wish to notice if there is any specific information that especially speaks to you and take action. Acidosis Set-up for Disease Chronic, low-grade acidosis can result as we age primarily due to our diet and the decline of renal (kidney) function for eliminating acids. An acid-forming diet...

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Antioxidants for Health & Longevity +Essential Oil Research

To supercharge your energy and enhance longevity it’s all about your mitochondria. Read Increase Your Energy & Longevity Essential Oils to Use to come up to speed on your mitochondria. In our last article we talked about how oxidative stress has been the burning topic among research scientists over the past two decade. Why? Because Oxidative Stress speeds up the aging process and is the Genesis of all Disease. We also talked about research on essential oils showing their capacity as an effective intervention strategy to protect against oxidative stress.Now, let’s look at the role antioxidants play in reducing oxidative stress and a few dietary strategies you can use.In our last article we learned that Irwin Fridovich and his graduate student,...

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Oxidative Stress - Genesis of Disease

Over the past two decades oxidative stress has been the burning topic of interest among biological researchers.During an emergency the mitochondria ATP 'Danger Response Mechanism' (short term response to a threat) is turned on. During these times Herculean type tasks may be performed. Have you ever heard of a person picking up an automobile that had fallen on someone? These excess energy demands are for short durations. When the 'Danger Response Mechanism 'demand for energy output doesn’t turn off then the genesis of disease results.  Researchers have observed the correlation between Severe Life Stress and Oxidative Stress in the Brain. Studies suggest that the high levels of cortisol from long-term stress can increase blood cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, and blood pressure. These are common risk...

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Toxicity, Inflammation & Disease Epidemics How Essential Oils Help!

With the advent of epigenetic research we now know that your environment controls gene expression.Epigenetic research is the study of changes in genetic expression that do not involve changes to the underlying genome. Epigenetic change is a natural occurrence that can be influenced by factors like age, the environment/lifestyle, and state of one’s health or disease. In other words, just because you have a particular gene does not automatically equate to your manifesting a particular disease. Epigenetic research shows us that your environment has the power to turn gene expression on and off. There has always been a deep connection between human beings and our environment. When we change our environment, we change ourselves. A collective entomology study showed there has been...

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