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Christmas Eve Light of Love Meditation Essential Oils to Use +Astrology

Since the Winter Solstice earlier this week, on December 21st, the day of the Great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius, we’ve been dramatically shifting. Can you feel it? This Great Conjunction on Solstice Day marks the birth of New Era that bears the Aquarian hallmark stamp. The fierce energies of Mars in Aries had one final conflict with the planet Pluto in Capricorn early morning today (Jan 23rd). When fiery Mars moves into Taurus on January 6th, an earth sign, Mars' energy will be greatly subdued. Earth puts out fire, right? The warring Martian energies have been active since the Summer Solstice, when Mars moved into Aries and stationed, stirring the pot of warring and grievances. As I said, these...

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Happy Christmas Essential Oil Recipe

According to research 9 out of every 10 Americans celebrate Christmas. Most of us associate warm and fuzzy feelings with our holiday traditions and dream of enjoying the perfect Christmas with our dearest friends and family.Holiday traditions are considered important for building strong bonds between family members, and with the wider community. Traditions give us a sense of belonging and are a way to express what is most important to us.While most of us celebrate Christmas in some way, research shows that only half of us who celebrate the tradition of Christmas actually view it as a religious holiday. Most Americans see the Christmas season simply as a cultural holiday. There are many Christmas traditions and they vary from country to country. Christmas celebrations for...

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