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Citrus Essential Oil Cancer Research

Interest in the healing ability of essential oils continues to grow with remarkable results in practice being obtained. Nature in her infinite wisdom has given us a potent array of natural medicines and anti-cancer compounds found abundantly in citrus fruits high in D-Limonene, i.e. lemon, orange, grapefruit, tangerine and lime. Citrus oils generally are high in limonene, specifically D-Limonene, and citral. Citral has been shown to help with fat burning and obesity. We’ll explore citral another time. Today, let’s talk about D-Limonene. More than 200 research studies have now been conducted on D-Limonene alone. D-Limonene has been primarily researched for: Anticancer effects Dissolves cholesterol Relieves heartburn Aids in weight loss Mild appetite suppressant Prevents weight gain The peel of these...

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