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Your intuition is your inner voice that guides you through your life experience.

We are born intuitive. It’s natural for  you to have an intuitive voice.

The Intuitive Eating fad that’s been created and popularized by Tracy Tylka, and researched for its effectiveness, is definitely a step in the right direction. It’s helping people regain what was lost, contact with their intuition. And, the natural ability to self regulate your weight. 

As we’ve become more and more enamored by the development of our intellectual capacities, we’ve lost touch with our own intuitive voice.

Dr. Rudolph Steiner, a turn of the 20th century philosopher, founded a holistic spiritual movement called Anthroposophy, which works on the basis that children's creative, spiritual and moral dimensions need as much attention as their intellectual ones. I was fortunate to deepen my understanding of Steiner's philosophy and his initiatives, i.e. Waldorf Education, Anthroposophical Medicine and Biodynamic Farming while, at Emerson College in Forest Row England in the early 90s.

I’m happy to say my son was raised by Steiner’s holistic philosophy in which openness and freedom were encouraged. He was raised to trust himself. The proof of this sound way of fostering human development shows in how well adjusted and happy he is in life. Despite being born to two parents who were taught not to trust themselves, or their intuitive voice. 

From an early age most of us are conditioned to fit into the dictates of society in which intellect is the all powerful dictator. Intuition takes a back seat and given little attention. We’re trained to focus the power of our attention on thoughts and thinking until we become so identified with thoughts that thinking and intellect begin to govern us. Like a bad landlord thoughts may come to judge and ridicule us for… (fill in the blank).

We now have more than 23 million people diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in the U.S. alone. Autoimmunity occurs when the body starts attacking itself. It doesn’t know who the good or bad guy is anymore. Depression and obesity have also reached epidemic proportions. And, popping pills to control our symptoms is considered normal.

How do we get over the current crisis we’re in. One word, your intuition.

Back in the late ‘70s I started to regain my intuitive voice while at Findhorn, Scotland, and so can you too, if you’ve lost touch with it. 

You can also deepen your intuitive voice. Just like a muscle through regular use your intuition will get louder.

As I said, intuitive eating is natural to you. Your psychological mind and intellect have perhaps hijacked and undermined it, but it is still there and will always be there for you.

You can use essential oils to lose weight and retrain yourself to use your intuition. It is not a complicated process. Indeed, it is so simple that the thinking (psychological) mind may try to complicate and have you overthink its simplicity.

Essential oils can help curb your appetite for sweets and second helpings. Essential oils for Natural Weight Loss. But, if you use essential oils just to lose weight, then you’re using them for dieting purposes. By dieting I mean restricted food intake.

You need to shift your mindset.

Intuitive eating is about tuning into the needs of your body and giving it the nutrition, caring and nurturance it needs. It is not about losing weight. Losing weight is a natural consequence of eating intuitively, not the goal. 

There is only one simple question to ask yourself before eating anything.

Tune into yourself and ask, “Do I really want this?” Or, another way of putting it, “Is this right for me?”

Keep it simple, don’t overthink. Be in the moment. Clients and friends have reported losing 10 to 15 pounds simply by starting to eat intuitively. They also report that this exercise of tuning into themselves and the needs of their body has spread to other areas of their life. It was their first step in regaining contact with what they truly wanted rather than being influenced by habit or convention. 

Another thing all my clients have reported is how much their awareness grew, not only about the foods they were eating, but in every area of their life. Natural change happened and they were much happier in general with their life.

To help you with the psychological piece, if you have a tendency to overthink or worry about trusting yourself, try the following essential oils to help your mind relax and go offline.

Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) (tiny traces only)

Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides)

Appetite suppressant essential oils can be great for getting you over the hump of food cravings when first beginning to eat intuitively. Find out best essential oils to use for Natural Weight Loss and how to make Celtic Smelling Salts

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