Feeling Overwhelmed - How to Turn It Around, Part 6

vetiverroot72dpiVetiver ( vetiveria zizanoides ) - hydrodiffused from the roots. Haiti has the best quality oil in the world.

Vetiver pure essential is a thick, resinous oil that's deep, earthy, sweet and rich. Its soulful essence is resonant and grounding.

Vetiver is my first choice for relieving anxiety and panic.

I once had a panic attack. It was on the day my son went off to college. I didn't know what was happening really. I just couldn't breathe and had a feeling of impending doom. A neighbor stayed with me all through the night. By morning I was truly exhausted and beside myself not knowing what was happening to me.

I called a nurse practitioner friend of mine who immediately told me, "You're having a panic attack." I of course immediately knew what to reach for, my friend Vetiver. As soon as I took a whiff of Vetiver oil I immediately settled down and the panic attack never returned.

Some people experience Vetiver as being too bitter. Interestingly the people who find the aroma of Vetiver bitter usually have difficulty experiencing the more earthy, sensual side of their nature.

No essential oil is the right remedy for panic, anxiety or feelings of overwhelm. That's why I recommend several different ones for you to try to help you find the particular essential oil friend you can call upon and rely on in your time of need.

The primary chemical class for Vetiver is Ketone (Service Workers) and Alcohol (The Lovers). Phyto-chemicals present are Sequiterpenes & Sespiterpenols (Wise Elders & Compassionate Ones) and Esters (Protectors & Nurturers).

Similar in chemical profile to Tangerine oil Vetiver can be relied upon for its effect to comfort and ground you during challenging times.

Vetiver's Properties, Actions & Effects:

• Antiseptic – prevents infection
• Antispasmodic – calms muscular spasm
• Aphrodisiac - increases capacity for sexual arousal
• Cytophylactic – increases leucocytes to fight infection
• Depurative - detoxifying.
• Emmenagogue - induces or assists menstruation.
• Immune stimulant - increases immune response
• Rubefacient - dilates vessels increase blood flow
• Nerve Sedative – tranquilizing effect nerves
• Tonic stimulant – strengthens glandular & circulatory systems
• Vermifuge - expels intestinal worms

Intensely Yang character with rising yin gives Vetiver regulating action to balance extreme emotional states.

Vetiver is primarily distilled for the perfume trade. In perfumery Vetiver is most often used as a base or bottom note.

Its color frequency is deep gold, burnished brown and amber.

Chakra Healing & Balancing – Vetiver's element is earth and water and it has a natural affinity with the first (root), second (sexual/sacral) and third (solar plexus) chakras.

Astrologically Vetiver has an especial affinity with Venus (Taurus), Saturn (Capricorn). Secondarily Vetiver resonates with the Moon (Cancer) and Pluto (Scorpio).


Your feelings just want to be felt. Think of your feelings like a young child wanting your acceptance and reassurance. Being the loving parent and taking time to feel your feelings is one of the most wonderful acts of Self Love you can give to yourself.

It's simple, just BE with your feelings, whatever they may be. Self love and acceptance of your feelings results in profound and deep healing of your emotional body.

Gestalt therapist Fritz Perls was quoted as saying, "anxiety is excitement without the breath." So practice breathing acceptance into your feelings.

There are basically only a few emotions you can experience: joy, sadness, fear, anger and erotic or sexual feelings.

Of course there are an infinite number of colorations and variations upon these primary emotions.

Some emotions can be very intense though most feeling we label "negative" only last momentarily if fully embraced.

When you resist your feelings or medicate your feelings with food or other distractions you short circuit their purpose, prolong your experience of short term discomfort and create needless suffering for yourself.

Your emotions have a message for you. Listen to their message!

Sometimes you will be prompted to take action after embracing and feeling your feelings. At other times nothing is required other than to just BE with your feelings - acknowledge, experience and accept them.

Any feeling can feel uncomfortable if you associate pain with it. For instance you may stifle the feeling of joy because you associate a belief that it can't last, or soon you'll be disappointed.

You may have to actually train yourself to sustain your experience of feeling joy!

The feeling of joy is your natural feeling state. Joy is the experience of being fully alive and experiencing aliveness.

Next time an uncomfortable feeling comes up for you practice breathing into it and just BEING one with it. Allow yourself to experience your feelings fully and see what happens.

This is the sixth in this series of eight articles about holistic health techniques to bring balance and calm when suffering from symptoms of feeling overwhelmed.

Please share your experience when practicing just BEING with your feelings. 

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