How Is Your Ability to Trust Life & Go with the Flow? Do You Have Any of These Symptoms of Imbalanced Water Element?

lithia_park2-kgstilesFind out the Physical, Mental & Emotional Symptoms of Imbalanced Water Element & the essential oils to use to restore balance & flow of chi in your organ meridians.

The Five Elements represent the Elemental Life Force Energy inherent to all life forms for material creation. 

WATER ELEMENT MERIDIANS - Bladder (Yang) and Kidney (Yin) The Power of Water is to overcome obstacles and act with integrity.


SEASON: winter
TASTE: salty
BODY PARTS: kidneys, bladder, ears, bones, nails
COLOR: black
SALTY ACTION: Cooling and moistening, nourishes kidneys and bladder, helps maintain fluid balance

446px-Chinese_meridians-public-domain_wiki-3A BALANCED WATER ELEMENT supports you to trust the natural flow of life, giving and receiving in equal measure without difficulty. You are relaxed, calm and at ease with your life. You feel robust energy, physical power, stamina and aliveness; you shine like a star!

You surrender to the process of sharing and your relationships are harmonious and deeply connected. Openness of your heart, mind and body ensure enjoyment of your life experience.

You express sensuality and sexuality in a fluid and unified way. A balanced water element ensures a strong immune system and an inherent sense of physical power, health and well-being, including financial health.

YOU MAY EXPERIENCE IMBALANCE as an inability to give or receive, and find it difficult to surrender to "what is" and struggle with universal laws. You may be locked into the purely physical expression of your sensuality and sexuality. You may try to control situations and emotions in relationships which may lead to repression of your needs and healthy self-expression of your truth.

Your Water Element's primary abode is centered in the area of your Second (Sexual or Sacral) chakra. This is where your gun holster sits; you will either decide to take aim and fire or put your guns away for peaceful co-existence.

KEYWORDS: Fluidity, Giving and receiving love, Communion, Co-creation, Pro-creation, Endurance, Self confidence, Patience.

Related physical symptoms of imbalanced water element may include: Hot feet, Leg pain, Lumbar tension, Low back pain, Chronic fatigue, Claustrophobic, Underarm and foot odor, Hammer and Pigeon toes, Low or high blood sugar, Bed wetting, Kidney and bladder infection, Immune disorders, Skin conditions, Swelling and edema, Sweaty palms and feet, Low energy, Chronically stressed, Impatience, Dark circles under eyes, Salt craving, Sensitive to cold, Impotence, Frigidity, Irritable bowel, Painful urination, Cystitis, Urinary tract infection, Sciatica, Tight hamstrings, Prostate conditions, Addictions of all kinds, 

Related Emotional Symptoms of Imbalance include: Feelings of guilt or rejection, Attract toxic environmental conditions (both internal and external) that trigger states of anxiety, fear and worry. Locked into power struggles with yourself or others. 

You May Experience issues of: Rejection and victimization, Jealousy and mistrust, Need for protection often prevalent.

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XOLove -KG

Photo - Lithia Park, Ashland, OR by KG Stiles

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  • KG

    Hi Colleen, glad you enjoyed reading the post. The essential oils to use to balance the 5 Elements and Organ Meridians is in my Chinese Medicine Guidebook. You can get an immediate download in our store. Sorry, nothing else available for free in one location on the site at this time. You can do a general search, Colleen, and see what you can find. Hope this helps! Thanks again!!

  • Colleen

    I loved reading the post! Chinese medicine intrigues me. It mentions at the top that are essential oils we can use to help balance the kidneys & water Element. But I don’t see those in the blog. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  • Lynn

    Excellent timing to read this-I am meeting with a Chinese herbalist tomorrow regarding bringing aromatherapy into his store and this perspective is perfectly harmonious. Not only that, but I appreciate relating and exploring personally where and how my water element is currently in imbalance and am pleased that I have been attracted to some of these oils recently intuitively. All wonderfully affirming! Thank you KG!

  • KG

    Hey Lynn, fantastic! So glad it’s affirming for you. Thanks for sharing.

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