How Is Your Power to Transform & Heal Life Situations? Do You Have Any Symptoms of Imbalanced Fire Element?

Beltane_Bonfire_on_Calton_Hill-Rosser1954-public-domain2The Five Elements represent the Elemental Life Force Energy inherent to all life forms for material creation. I will publish a future blog introducing you to the each of the Elemental archetypal energy forms of material creation.


Small Intestines (Yang) and Heart (Yin), also includes Triple Warmer (Yang) and Pericardium (Yin)

The Power of the Fire Element is transformation.


SEASON: summer

TASTE: bitter

EMOTION: joy/sadness

BODY PARTS: heart, Pericardium, circulation, hormones, blood vessels, tongue, small intestine

COLOR: red

446px-Chinese_meridians-public-domain_wiki-3BITTER ACTION: Cooling, astringent, drying, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, often anti-parasitic and antiviral, promotes detoxification. Stimulates appetite and secretion of digestive juices throughout the gastro-intestinal system, enhances digestion and flow of bile.

A balanced fire element supports you to trust in life and yourself and take full responsibility for your life experience.

When your fire element is balanced you feel a strong sense of self worth and positive self regard, and you have a strong sense of personal freedom, and sense of autonomy to direct your spirit to realize your highest potential. You are a creator of your reality and manifest easily all that you desire into the physical world.

You may experience an imbalance fire element as an inability to take responsibility for yourself and your life experiences. You may lack self control, and blame and criticize others for your problems.


Self motivated
Self esteem
Personal power
Self control
Self respect
Self approval
Willingness to take responsibility
Willingness to change

Related physical symptoms of imbalanced Fire Element may include:

Light headedness
Heart Palpitations
Poor circulation
Frozen Shoulder
Chest pain
Dark circles under eyes
Hardening of the arteries
Hearing difficulties
High or low blood sugar
Cold sores
Dry hair and skin
Mouth ulcers
Poor circulation
Fatigue, Depression
Restricted diaphragm
|Poor muscle tone
Heart attack
Dislikes heat

Related Emotional stagnation or blockage may include:

Feelings of shame
Need for approval
Fear of responsibility
Self esteem
Commitment issues

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  • christiane

    Hi KG
    Would this be the one for thyroid and/or adrenals?

  • KG

    Thanks for your question. Wish I had a simple “short” answer for you. Fire element does have a stimulating effect on production of hormones. However, for regulating and restoring health look to balancing your Wood Element. Thyroid function is a key player in hormone regulation. Repressed self expression can result in under functioning Thyroid function which effects healthy adrenal function. Hormone production and regulation is a rather complicated matter, especially when more than one hormone function is compromised and there is under or over production of a hormone. Generally I’d look to balancing your Wood Element. Hope this is helpful to you, Christiane.

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