Emotional Detoxification Ritual with Essential Oils

We all experience periods of intense emotional detox.

Sometimes these waves of emotional detox intertwine with one another. You may feel physically drained, or exhausted. 

The tendency is to go into your mind and start thinking about how to resolve the issues that keep cropping up which can leave you feeling more exhausted and confused. Toxic emotions which stem from negative beliefs and attitudinal patterns need to be purged. Distracting yourself with addictive coping strategies and a fix-it mentality does not work long term.

The best response at these times is to relax and allow any confusion to settle. Clarity naturally arises and you know what actions to take if any are needed.

When you are in an extended axis of change in your life you are being presented with a tremendous opportunity for resolution and completion of old karmic or inherited family patterns. These inherited ancestral patterns are often referred to as mind streams.

Great illumination may come to you during these intensified periods when detoxification of your emotional body is needed.

During these times you may experience sudden activity when unsettling and disruptive events beg for your attention, so that these inherited patterns can survive and continue into your future.

Celebrate the end of karmic and inherited patterns.

Essential oils can be especially helpful for detoxifying your emotional body and can help settle the mind until the sense of intense urgency passes. Inhaling the scent of certain oils can help to ground and stabilize the energies being detoxed from your emotional body. Helping you to make a clean break of ancestral patterns once and for all.

When intense emotions are being purged there is great opportunity for you to seed a fresh new start and birth completely new patterns for yourself that you don't want to miss!

These are the best essential oils for emotional detox:

  1. Rose - The #1 oil in aromatherapy for Emotional Freedom. Even a single drop of rose oil can stimulate a transformative and lasting effect upon the human psyche. You can get excellent results using 10% Rose oil!

  2. Melissa - Helps you release suppressed anger or rage. Even long held frustrations respond well to Melissa's gentle, nourishing and supportive influence. Melissa is also helpful for releasing old trapped emotional trauma. A 10% dilution of Melissa can also be very helpful.

  3. Helichrysum - The #1 oil for treating inflammation (hot, inflamed situations) whether physical or emotional. A 10% dilution can be beneficial.

  4. Citrus Aromas of Sweet Orange, Tangerine or Red Mandarin - Are all helpful for emotional detox and releasing mental tension. Each of these citrus oils promotes a playful attitude and supports childlike trust and innocence.

Inhale the scent of your oil. Use a dilution and anoint the area of your heart, or other area with any noticeable tension. Also, an aromatic sea salt bath is one of the most helpful therapies for detoxifying the emotional body.

Emotional Detox Ritual with Your Guardian Angel

Use this Ritual to Breakthrough and Resolve



  • Painful Memories
  • Regret and guilt
  • Disappointment
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Loss
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Emotional wounds
  • Abusive childhood
  • Tension
  • Increase personal power
  • Unwanted behaviors and habits
  • Karmic patterns in relationships
  • Inherited family patterns
  • Addictions

What you see and experience in the world is a reflection of your own deepest feelings about yourself. Life is love and you are loved and entirely lovable.

Use your essential oils to detoxify your emotional body and free yourself of the mind stream of emotional patterns you may suffer from whether periodically, or as an ongoing cleansing and detoxification ritual.

Of course anytime is a good time to do the Emotional Detox Ritual, however, if you do the ritual at a full moon you may experience a more potent release and resolution of inherited patterns and toxic emotions. This is because the electro-magnetic energy of the waning moon that occurs immediately after the full moon will have the effect of draining your emotional body of any built up tension.

The effect of your emotional detox will be a more open, trusting, loving and understanding heart. It will be easier for you to feel compassionate, patient and at peace in your daily life, no matter what the events occurring.

Emotional Detoxification is one of the of the simplest, easiest and effective ways to end inherited patterns.

What you will need:

A white candle

Ask your Guardian Angel to assist you with your Emotional Detox Ritual.

Feel your Guardian Angel fully present with you. You feel completely loved, safe and supported.

You are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Your body is in a comfortable, relaxed position, and your spine is fully supported.

The actual time you spend for your ritual can be as long as feels right for you.

Breathe into your lower belly and exhale any tension. Allow yourself to relax completely as you breathe for several cycles of breathing. You feel deeply relaxed and centered within yourself.

Imagine your physical body filled with a warm vibrant electric blue liquid light.

Focus your attention at the bottom of your feet.

Imagine the warm vibrant electric blue liquid light draining tension from your body from the crown of your head and out through the soles of your feet.

Your entire body begins to feel weightless and becomes completely transparent as you perform this ritual. All that remains is the original transparent vibrational blueprint of your etheric body that is whole and perfect.

When you feel complete your entire body will feel weightless, light and free.

See your radiant light body vibrant with life force energy. Every cell of your body vibrates and hums in harmony. Breathe in the purity of this resonate harmony that is your perfect original Divine Self incarnate in physical form.

Conclude your Emotional Detox Ritual by giving thanks to your Guardian Angel.

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    It was a wonderful experience. I could see myself floating in the air turning round and round. I’m awake now and feeling at peace.

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