Change in Values Taurus Total Lunar Eclipse +Angelic Assistance Meditation & EO Recipe

What’s it all about?

The Taurus Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse is the second of our two fall eclipses. Much can come to the surface for release at this time. Dark forces at work beneath the surface may also be exposed.

The Scorpio Solar Eclipse was primarily about healing and regeneration. Much must get purged for you (and humanity as a whole) to move forward.

While the Taurus Lunar Eclipse is about releasing anything that is in opposition to your experiencing love and pleasure in life. What you value in life has been undergoing profound change over the past 18+ months. We’ve been on the axis of Values both personal and intra-personal.

Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

We are in the peak of the fall eclipse season. You can feel the effects of an eclipse usually at least 6-weeks prior to the first eclipse and for six months after the final eclipse. During the weeks leading up to an eclipse you get clear indications about what’s about to change.

We have now passed the peak intensity of energies activated by the final Square between Uranus and Saturn (October 1-12). Although the energies are very close and still playing out through the eclipse season.

The pressure from Uranus’ Square to Saturn has put additional pressure on you to take advantage of any opportunities available for realizing visionary forms and structures that will benefit you and our world now and long into the future.

What was realized/illuminated at the Aries Full Moon on October 9th continues to play out through the Lunar Samhain occurring on October 25th at the Scorpio Partial Solar Eclipse. The Scorpio Solar Eclipse is followed in two weeks time by the upcoming Taurus Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8th.

Though the energies will be felt intensely during this span of time, Mars’ (the planet of energy and action) Station Retrograde (October 30th) will slow the energies down for ‘taking action’ and there may be more of a review about what actions to take until after the New Year when Mars Stations Direct on January 12th and moves out of Gemini into Cancer on March 25, 2023. Things may be somewhat left up in the air and in limbo until the springtime at the end of March.

You might say Taurus is the sign of Mother Nature. Earth Day, now an international celebration, supports environmental awareness and protection of the environment. Earth Day starts at the beginning of the Sun’s entry into the sign of Taurus on April 22nd.

The Scorpio Full Moon Solar Eclipse is still exerting its influence during the entire fall eclipse season and into the next six months.

Now there is great opportunity available to realize great things for yourself and for humanity. You carry the seed potential for our future generations. What will you give birth to now?

We are at a peak of exposure to the dark side of human nature which must be owned and integrated. Your work of embracing your own shadow can help move us forward on our evolutionary path as humans. What will you choose?

Taurus Personality

Taurus’ symbol is the bull, its associated color is green. It is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money.

The bull is known for its strength, perseverance and power. It is used as a symbol of the stock market, i.e. bear markets are in hibernation mode while bull markets charge forward.

Taureans have an almost insatiable need for social stability. A fixed earth sign, Taurus can be stubborn and resistant to change. The status quo is often revered by Taurus with little desire for change. The best way to get a Taurus to change is to present things in a way that appeals to their need for stability. If you can get Taurus to understand how the change needed will benefit them you have your best chance for success in getting them to get behind any change.

Taurus is associated with earthly pleasures, luxury, comfort and an abundant, fertile and creative life. The Bull enjoys the sensual side of life that conjures up evocative and pleasurable experiences for the senses.

Taurus’ easy going manner has a certain appeal. They can be lazy and overlook details. Their Venusian nature can be calming to be around, even hypnotic. They can be seductive and attract others to go along with their ideas. Taureans love having a good time and can be quite indulgent lovers of the finer things in life.

Taureans are slow to anger, but once angered can be quite terrifying to whoever they target with their horns which can be deadly. The term ‘bully’ comes to mind. You don’t want to get on the bad side of a Taurus.

What’s Up in Your Chart?

Everyone has the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse influence in one, or more areas of their chart.  Here are a few areas of your chart where you can experience the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse influence:

  • Where (what house) is the sign of Taurus located in your natal chart? This is the area of your life that will be most affected now for experiencing endings and new beginnings.
  • What celestial bodies are located in your 2nd house (Venus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house)?
  • Do you have any easy flowing, or hard aspects to your 2nd house from one or more planets in your natal chart, or currently by transit? The easy flowing aspects offer support and protection to your feeling of harmony, balance and justice. While harsh aspects will augment any struggles presented at this time.
  • What house is your Venus located in your natal astrology chart? If you have harmonious contacts to and from these celestial bodies in your chart then you will feel more supported at this time.
  • You may want to lean into the supportive energies symbolized by harmonious aspects in your natal chart for support.
  • Are there are stressful contacts to planets, or points in your natal chart to your luminaries (the Sun, or Moon) in your natal chart, or by transit? You’ll want to take note of these. Challenging aspects give you an opportunity for growth and change. Remember to always let yourself be guided to the best course of action. During an eclipse the luminaries are under more stress from celestial influences than is usual with a full, or new moon.
  • The moon moves quickly through each sign and house, so whatever happens, though it may leave a lasting impact upon your psyche, the emotions will be transient.
  • You may feel overly intense and emotional at the Taurus Full Moon. There can be an intense feelings that surface. Best to let your emotions settle before acting. Wait to take action until you feel calm and grounded, not in a triggered emotionally reactive state.
  • Of course, because we are in the fall eclipse season the timing of events that unfold may not be in your hands. What is scheduled to change will change at the right time.
  • This is a tremendous time for letting go of things you once valued, but no longer enjoy. You’re being prepared for a completely new beginning in this area of your life. Deep and far reaching change can occur now.
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Taurus Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Astrology

  • 15° 59’ Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
    Tuesday, November 8, 3:49am PT
    13° 23’ Lunar Eclipse 2:59am PT

Moon Opposes Mercury
Moon Conjunct Uranus
Moon T-Square Saturn and Sun
Moon Opposes Venus
Moon Sextile Neptune
Sun Conjunct Mercury
Mercury Opposes Uranus
Jupiter Stations Direct (exact November 23rd)

The Taurus Full Moon always brings fulfillment and illumination of something that has been hidden. Emotions can run high. A great deal of confusion and chaos can be unleashed with the Taurus Lunar Eclipse. The opposition spells struggle between opposing points of view. Arguments can be heated. The T-Square between the fixed signs of the Moon Conjunct to Uranus, Square to Saturn in Aquarius and in Opposition to Mercury Conjunct the Sun indicates a refusal, stubbornness to negotiating differences for peaceful resolution. There’s real pressure for making adjustments to the status quo. Unexpected and dramatic change can suddenly happen. The Moon’s Sextile to Neptune in Pisces indicates an olive branch for a compassionate resolution to the buildup of the intense energies constellated.

Moon (Taurus) Opposes Mercury (Scorpio) - emotional needs and vulnerabilities can be exposed. You may become aware of unconscious emotional patterns. You can feel especially anxious and unnerved by something occurring now. An illumination of patterns of thought that may undermine you emotionally.

Moon (Taurus) Conjunct Uranus -
sudden expression of your emotional needs may happen. There’s a strong emotional need to express yourself. You can feel emotionally unsettled. Your emotions can be volatile. You have a strong urge for expressing your emotions. An upheaval can result.

Moon (Taurus) T-Square Saturn (Aquarius) and Sun (Scorpio) -
an unexpected event can occur now. There’s volatility coupled with resistance. It’s an unstable confluence of energies. There may be an earth event like an earthquake occurring now. Pressures on the earth’s maintaining balance. Adjustments must be made. Tumultuous change that effects you on an emotional and personal level.

Moon (Taurus) Opposes Venus (Scorpio) -
you’ll need navigate through extreme polarities to find resolution for emotionally sensitive issues. Creative expression is one way you can express these unstable energies. There can be resistance and opposition within you to the change needed that manifests as a conflict with woman in your life. This is how you can become indirectly aware of the feminine energies constellated within you that need to change.

Moon (Taurus) Sextile Neptune (Pisces) -
Neptune provides your emotions with a means to transform at the depths of your subconscious mind. Faith and a willingness to have compassion for yourself and others may be called for. The Moon’s sextile to Neptune softens and gives a means for resolving the conflicts that may arise now.

Sun (Scorpio) Conjunct Mercury -
there a depth of psychological and emotional insight. Empathy and understanding can result if you’re willing to pay attention and listen in your relationships. Creative thinking is called for now.

Mercury (Scorpio) Opposes Uranus (Taurus) -
there can be sudden flashes of intuitive insight in your communication. You may feel challenged to relate to someone, or in a way that is foreign to you. New dimensions of your lower mind can open to new thoughts. There can be sudden upsets in your plans. Your intuition can get a tremendous boost. Lots of nervous and anxious energy can result in the process. Illumination and growth is available.

Jupiter Stations Direct (exact November 23rd) -
your final review of Pisces is ending. Jupiter is fairly station at 29° and will remain at 28-29° until December 20th when he will move back into Aries. The later degrees of a sign are associated with fated events in one's life. What lessons have you learned since mid-October when Jupiter dipped back into Pisces and over the past year when Jupiter was transiting Pisces. Expanding your intuition comes with greater compassion and understanding for the human condition (which of course includes you). If you've done the work of Jupiter while he was transiting Pisces you can experience rewards for a good job done as Jupiter leaves Pisces.

Healing Gemstones & Crystals

Emerald -
an especially lucky gemstone for Taurus, emerald has a powerfully transformative effect. Use it to help energize and multiply the blessings of Venus.

Jade - a protective stone for Taurus. Can help elevate the mental faculties for greater perspective and to navigate through difficult situations.

Rose Quartz - helps you connect with the energy of love and compassion. Soothing influence during stressful times.

Essential Oil to Use: Vetiver
Pleasurable scents that are sweet, earthy and grounding.

Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse EO Recipe

This custom formulation has a sweet, floral and earthy scent with exotic and sensual notes that soothe and ground your senses. It will help you make the most of your Taurus Full Moon experience.

To a 5ml (100 drops) colored glass euro-dropper bottle add:

  • Ylang Ylang III (Cananga odorata) - 40 drops
  • Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) - 40 drops
  • Vetiver (Vetiveria zizaniodes) - 10 drops
  • Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi) - 10 drops
  • Galbanum (Ferula galbaniflua) - 1-3 drops

Cap bottle tightly and shake vigorously to blend oils thoroughly together. Allow to synergize for 12 hours or longer before using.

Taurus Full Moon Meditation

You can perform your meditation anytime starting from the Taurus Full Moon until the First Quarter Waning Moon on November 16th at 5:27am PT.

What you will need:

  • A white candle
  • Essential oil or blend - use one of the recommended oils, or blend of oils

Make sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Light your white candle and inhale the scent of your essential oil. You can also scent your space prior to your meditation using an aroma diffuser.

Gaze into the candle flame as you begin to breathe in fully and deeply and exhale any tension. The candle flame reflects your own Divine heart center.

Continue inhaling the scent of your oil and releasing any tension for 1-5 minutes.

Archangel to Assist You

At this time, if you choose, you can invite the Archangel Uriel to assist you with your meditation. Angels are ‘light’ beings, simply meaning they are aligned with the creative power of the universe to create peace and harmony in our world.

Uriel’s name means, “God’s light, or God is my light.”

Uriel’s presence has the effect of illuminating situations. Uriel can give you prophetic information, as well as alert you to any dangers.

As the defender of the earth element, Uriel watches over the north and Illumines situations. Uriel brings light and clarity into the darkest situations that are bogged down and resistant to change.

Uriel is said to bring prophetic visions and grant spiritual understanding. When unstable conditions are prevalent upon the earth, call upon Archangel Uriel for protections and guidance. S/he helps with healing and recovery after an aftermath of a natural disaster or difficult transition in life.

Uriel is the patron angel of all those who work in the field of music, literature, arts and sciences and is associated with the color red.

Linking with Uriel can bring protection and increased prosperity and good fortune during periods of great transition when restricted growth is necessary. During these times the formation of new structures can take place that will support a new era and vision for future growth.

Petition your heart and mind with the following affirmations:

Choose one, or more affirmations, to focus upon at this time. Take time between each appeal to drink in and absorb the response by your heart and mind to fulfill your request. Allow yourself the time needed to fully engage in and experience the results of this meditation.

You can also make up your own personalized petitions that feel most suitable for you at this time.

  • Thank you for helping me feel safe and protected.
  • Thank you for helping me experience more loving kindness in my life.
  • Thank you for helping me elevate my frequency, so that I send and receive only positive, life sustaining vibrations.
  • Thank you for helping me feel strong and empowered.
  • Thank you for helping me find my way in life.
  • Thank you for helping me communicate in ways that are empowering and loving.
  • Thank you for helping me be more gracious, kind and tolerant of others with whom I have differences.
  • Thank you for helping me remain faithful to myself.
  • Thank you for helping me freely express myself.
  • Thank you for helping me with my creative pursuits.

Allow the alignment of your heart and mind to bring harmony to your life. Allow the renewal of your heart, mind and purpose in this moment. Let go of any resistance to being fully present in this moment. Just allow yourself to remain peaceful and calm. 

Take as long as needed to complete this meditation. Repeat as needed whenever you’re feeling fearful, or the need for comfort and solace, or to get along better with others. Or, whenever you need help with self expression and communicating effectively to get your needs met and to recover from loss.

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