2022 Astrological Moon Calendar +Essential Oils to Use

Bookmark this page and refer to it throughout your 2022 year!

The 2022 Astrological Moon Calendar will give you a snapshot view of the unfolding emotional ebb and flow of events for 2022.

You can use it to get an advance look at the upcoming opportunities available for you, as well as to check in as events unfold on the worldwide scene.

For insight about how things will unfold for you personally pay especial attention to:

Eclipse Moons
Partial Solar April 30
Total Lunar May 15/-16
Partial Solar Oct 25
Total Lunar Nov 7-8

Super Full Moons
June 14
July 13

New and Full Moons

If any of these Moons are happening in aspect to one of your personal planets you will experience more effect from the celestial event.

Conjunctions and Oppositions to your personal planets usually are the most impactful. These aspects in direct conversation with your Sun and Moon are usually the most important prognosticators for significant change.


Oppositions bring illumination about the planet and the area of your life (house) where it’s located. If you can stay on the high side of the vibration the results from an opposition can be very growth producing and bring welcomed opportunities.

However, if resisted much struggle and suffering can ensue. Look for the opportunities in events, rather than play the victim of external forces operating. Keeping a positive attitude can help you make needed changes that result in improved circumstances for your future.


Conjunctions represent birth and new beginnings. They are usually more pleasant than oppositions in their effect. The notable exception to this might be a Lunar Eclipse Conjunct your Sun, Moon, or other personal planet. Lunar Eclipses often bring things to a head with dramatic events at the dark of the moon followed by an opportunity for a new beginning/fresh start in the area of your life where they occur. Again, staying open-hearted with a positive mindset of gratitude helps you stay attractive to any potential opportunities.

Essential Oils can be very potent allies for helping you stay positive and elevating your frequency to attract the best outcomes possible. You can’t control what’s happening in life, but you can choose to respond in a way that will be productive and help you make the most of your current and future circumstances.

Important Celestial Events

There are four important celestial events to take note of that greatly impact the 2022 New Year and beyond. These, of course, are in addition to the Eclipses and Super Moons listed in this year's Moon Calendar. Pay especial attention to the dates of  these events as they will have a marked influence for how things will unfold in 2022.

December 19, 2021 - January 29, 2022
Venus Retrograde on December 19 at 26° Capricorn and Stations Direct on January 28 at 11° Capricorn. Venus will be Conjunct to Pluto as she Stations Retrograde. This usually indicates a slow down to reassess things with regard to personal finances, values and material concerns. Venus enters her shadow (the degree to which she will retrograde back to) on November 16/17.

The caveat with this particular Venus Retrograde is her Retrograde Conjunction with Pluto at the degree of the United States Pluto Return. This signifies a major death and rebirth for the United States and the start of a new 248 year cycle for America. This can be the beginning of the end for democracy with slow decay to follow, or a complete renaissance of the democratic form of governance. The Venus Retrograde review will give clues to which it will be.

December 23, 2021
Saturn 11° Aquarius Square Uranus 11° Aquarius - this is the 3rd and final time for this exact square between these two planets. The Square between Saturn and Uranus has brought revolutionary change to established structures. The pair will be within orb of square at 17° just before the November mid-term elections in the United States of America.

December 28, 2021
Mercury enters his shadow (Stations Retrograde - January 14 - February 3, 2022.

October 30, 2022
Mars Stations Retrograde on October 30 at 25° Gemini and Stations Direct on January 12, 2023 at 8° Gemini. There can be tremendous confusion with airing of different points of view. Mars Retrograde is a review of actions taken based upon much misinformation, gossip and hearsay. This period looks ungrounded and volatile. All the air from Gemini fans the flames of the Mars fire. There can be quite a ruckus. A significant opportunity for clearing the air of tensions.


  • 12° 19’ Capricorn New Moon
    Sunday, January 2, 10:33am PT 

Moon Trine Uranus (Rx)
Moon Sextile Neptune

Opportunity for the sudden realization of a dream, or idealized future may come. There’s a strong inclination to serve society at large. Social values are strong while individual concerns carry less weight. This can result in your feeling unseen, or left behind in some way. This is a great Moon for deepening in your own sense of self worth and trusting your own inner values.

Essential Oil to Use: Vetiver
Earthy oils that ground, calm and stabilize.

  • 27° 50’ Cancer Full Moon
    Monday, January 17, 3:48pm PT (vc)
Void of Course (vc) means the Moon is not making any exact aspects to other celestial bodies today.

Moon Trine Neptune
Moon Opposes Pluto
Mercury Stationary Retrograde
Uranus Stations Direct

There’s opportunity for illumination and discovering secrets that have been locked away. All Full Moons bring emotional issues to the surface. Now you are focused on feeling secure and safe in your home and with family. Your emotions may fluctuate more than usual. Stay out of your head and in your heart. This Moon is excellent for forgiving in order to move on. Otherwise you could be subject to feeling the blues now. You’ll enjoy staying close to home now and surrounding yourself with your favorite creature comforts. Now can be an emotionally satisfying time for you when you experience a real sense of belonging.

Essential Oil to Use: Rose Otto

Oils that nourish the emotions and support congenial relations in the home, family and with close loved ones.

  • 12° 19’ Aquarius New Moon (Lunar Imbolc)
    Tuesday, January 31, 9:46pm PT

Moon Square Uranus
Moon Conjunct Saturn
Venus Stationary Direct
Mercury Stationary Direct

ALL Planets are now Direct for 3 months, until April 29th when Pluto Stations Retrograde.

Your emotions can get a reset at the Aquarius New Moon. There’s a real need for emotional freedom. Being in groups of people can be rewarding for you. It’s an easier time than usual to free yourself from heavy emotions such as anger, fear and jealousy. Building forward momentum and breaking through old habits that previously held you back is possible now.

Essential Oil to Use: Peppermint
Use essential oils that motivate and inspire you to express your originality.

  • 27° 59’ Leo Full Moon
    Wednesday, February 16, 8:56am PT (vc)

Venus Conjunct Mars

The Leo Full Moon bodes well for a passionate rendezvous with a something, or someone you love. Creative pursuits are in the spotlight. You can be oversensitive to criticism if you’re feeling insecure and suffer from lack of self acceptance. Now you have an opportunity to mature emotionally. Taking honest feedback from a trusted someone can lead to self improvement you’ll appreciate later.

Essential Oil to Use: Sweet orange
Ebullient oils that open your heart and help you express your creativity.

  • 12° 06’ Pisces New Moon
    Wednesday, March 2, 9:35am PT

Moon Sextile Uranus
Moon Conjunct Jupiter
Mercury Conjunct Neptune

The Pisces Moon brings tremendous sensitivity to how you experience your surroundings. You may be feeling rather passive and insecure now, as well as dreamy and ungrounded. Pisces stimulates your creativity and imagination which will benefit your artistic expression and spiritual inclinations.

Essential Oil to Use: Red Mandarin or Tangerine
Use oils that promote dreaminess and open your heart to new dreams.

  • 27° 39’ Virgo Full Moon
    Friday, March 18, 12:17am PT

Moon Trine Uranus
Moon Opposes Jupiter
Moon Opposes Neptune
Mercury Sextile Uranus

Tremendous illumination comes with this Virgo Full Moon. There’s ease and opportunity available to experience the order and clarity you require to feel safe. You’ll have an inclination to organize any chaos you may encounter. The Virgo Moon always brings opportunity for developing more tolerance and acceptance of life’s imperfections. Acceptance and being okay with whatever is happening in life is a good practice for peace of mind. Life’s purpose is not to fulfill our every expectation.

Essential Oil to Use: Rose Geranium
Use essential oils that promote balance and harmony.

  • 11° 30’ Aries New Moon
    Thursday, March 31, 11:24pm PT

Moon Conjunct Mercury
Moon Sextile Mars
Moon Sextile Saturn
Sun Conjunct Chiron

This Aries Moon omens rapid movement taking place. Now it may be difficult to slow down and proceed at a natural pace. There can be much that comes together that feels promising. Still you’ll want to exercise some caution and not rush things. A very promising new beginning is at hand.

Essential Oil to Use: Patchouli
Use oils that ground and calm your mind and emotions, yet support passionate expression.

  • 26° 45’ Libra Full Moon
    Saturday, April 16, 11:55am PT

Moon Trine Saturn
Moon Square Pluto

The Libra Moon promises fulfillment for relationships and contracts of all kinds. Legal matters can go well now. Some compromise may be in order. The devils in the details when negotiating terms. Rewarding long term agreements are possible now. Balance, harmony and getting along well with others are high priorities for you just now.

Essential Oil to Use: Bergamot
Use oils that have a balancing and regulating effect on desires and emotions.

  • 10° 27’ Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse
    Saturday, April 30, 1:28pm PT
    10° 35’ Solar Eclipse 1:41pm PT
    May Beltane (May 1)

Moon Sextile Mars
Moon Conjunct Uranus
Venus Conjunct Jupiter
Venus Sextile Pluto
Pluto Stationary Retrograde

Your need for stability, which so often is not easy to satisfy, can get a welcomed jolt of good fortune. Even so, something unexpected may get revealed that may actually prove to your benefit. Perhaps, you are finally just becoming more accepting of change as a part of life. When you respect yourself then you will forgo seeking your sense of well-being from external comforts and material things. A new found level of self acceptance can be experienced which can lead you to greater peace of mind and tranquility in your day to day existence.

Essential Oil to Use: Helichrysum
Use oils that soothe and calm the emotions and promote healing of wounds.

  • 25° 17’ Scorpio Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse
    Sunday, May 15, 9:14pm PT
    25°16’ Total Lunar Eclipse exact 9:11pm PT
    Lunar Beltane

Moon Opposes Uranus
Venus Conjunct Chiron
Sun Square Saturn
Sun Sextile Neptune
Moon Trine Mars
Moon Square Saturn
Moon Trine Neptune
Moon Sextile Pluto (Rx) (vc)
Mercury Stationary Retrograde

The Full Moon in Scorpio always creates a need to dive deep into your own feelings. When a Lunar Eclipse occurs simultaneously with the Scorpio Full Moon, then your desire for rich, deep and meaningful emotional exchanges becomes fraught with a compulsive note that is off the charts. Deep emotions are coming  to the surface for expression and release. Nothing can stand in the way of the realizations set to be exposed. You, and society at large, may be forced to change many things now. Shallow or surface relationships or fixes will not suffice to meet the needs of this moment. There is much that must be purified and purged.

Essential Oil to Use: Lavender
Use oils that calm, balance and soothe your soul.

  • 9° 3’ Gemini New Moon
    Monday, May 30, 4:30am PT

Mars Conjunct Jupiter
Moon Sextile Jupiter
Moon Sextile Mars
Saturn Stationary Retrograde

The Gemini New Moon brings the need for changes and spontaneity. There may be a lot of heightened buzz as people may feel especially motivated to share their feelings and views about current events. Local and community matters gain the most attention. Commonality and banding together gains importance. People’s feeling of safety lies in their open discussion about what matters most to them. This is a time to focus on shared values and what brings harmony rather than focusing on differences and what divides you from others.

Essential Oil to Use: Lemon
Use oils that help focus your mind and free you from any sticky, or overly sentimental emotional attachments. The astringent oils are all good!

  • 23° 24’ Sagittarius Super Full Moon
    Tuesday, June 14, 4:52am PT

Moon Trine Mars
Moon Sextile Saturn (Rx)
Moon Square Neptune

The Sagittarius Moon brings optimism for the future. Higher education and having a goal, or mission to accomplish brings unity to disparate views. You may feel a strong urge to be more open minded and search for greater understanding. This Moon brings optimism. There’s a tendency to believe things will get better. Watch for overly expansive plans as they can get you into trouble. Much unresolved tension can get released with this Super Full Moon. All in all an extremely potent moon promising fulfillment. Think back to what was initiated around the time of the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius on December 3, 2021.

What is a Supermoon?

A Supermoon is referred to as a perigee full Moon by astronomers. When the Moon is at perigee it is at its closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. When that closest point in time coincides within the Moon’s full phase we call it a Supermoon. 

What causes a Supermoon? 

The Moon has a near-point (perigee) and a far-point (apogee). At perigee the Moon appears a little larger (a Supermoon) than usual, while at apogee, the Moon appears a little smaller than usual. A Supermoon may appear bigger and brighter in the sky.

Why are Supermoon’s important?

The Moon’s electromagnetic pull on the poles of the earth and the human body varies as the Moon cycles in its elliptical orbit around the Earth. During a Supermoon this electromagnetic influence is more pronounced. This results in higher tides of the ocean, as well as an intensification of emotions coming up for release.

21st Century Closest Supermoons

November 25, 2034
December 6, 2052 - closest supermoon of the 21st Century* 
December 17, 2070
January 27, 2098

Check out NASA’s super cool animated graphic showing when a full Moon phase aligns with perigee (the point at which the Moon is closest to Earth) and Apogee (the furthest point away). 

Essential Oil to Use: Cedarwood
Use regulating oils that support and stabilize the mind and emotions as you open to new vistas and adventures.

  • 7° 22' Cancer New Moon
    Wednesday, June 28, 7:52pm PT

Moon Square Jupiter
Sun Square Jupiter
Venus Sextile Jupiter
Moon Sextile Uranus
Neptune Stationary Retrograde

Your feeling of safety is now very much related to your home, the family and related activities such as childcare, nourishment and nurturing of roots. You may be more prone to fluctuation of your emotional moods. Depression can result from thinking too much about things related to childhood issues, or self care matters. Your perceptions about the world are far more emotional and personal than usual. Now can be a time for some sort of new start in your home and family. Perhaps buy new furnishing, or welcome the arrival a baby into your family. With Neptune Station Retrograde some dream, or longed for event may now get revived.

Essential Oil to Use: Rose Otto
Oils that nourish the emotions and support congenial relations in the home, family and with close loved ones.

  • 21° 20’ Capricorn Super Full Moon
    Wednesday, July 13, 11:37am PT

Moon Opposes Mercury
Moon Trine Uranus
Mercury Sextile Uranus
Moon Sextile Neptune (Rx)
Moon Conjunct Pluto (Rx) (vc)
Mercury Square Chiron
Venus Trine Saturn (Rx)
Venus Square Neptune (Rx)

The Capricorn Moon always brings a strong need for being useful in society. This is the zodiac sign of accomplishments and achievements. Governments and corporations are represented by this sign. A full moon always brings completion and something worth celebrating. Go BIG and, if you're willing to do the necessary hard work, you can achieve all of your goals and objectives. Look to your own self for the self approval you may seek from outside. Stepping into and shining your own light for others to see is rewarded. Take responsibility for yourself and what shows up for you and let go of any self doubt. You must trust that you are worthy of the success that urges you from within to accomplish great things. Let go of past disappointments. A time begins now when you start to review (and let go of) what you previously valued and reassess what matters most to you now. A time of deep assessment of your values brings tremendous benefits in the future.

Essential Oil to Use: Frankincense
Use the ancient oils and oils commonly used for celebration rituals and rites of passage.

5° 38’ Leo New Moon
Thursday, July 28, 10:55am PT

Moon Trine Jupiter
Jupiter Retrograde (Rx)
Sun Trine Jupiter
Mercury Square Uranus

The Leo Moon brings opportunity from impressing others and getting praise and admiration with mixed results. Though there’s a part of you that may seek, or even crave the limelight, there’s also a part that feels insecure when getting attention. The Leo Moon may bring an opportunity to look at your fear of criticism. Perhaps you need realize that your fear comes from your own inner critics voice. You can create peace within when you turn your inner judge into a worthy ally by accepting and appreciating its feedback for your own improvement. Now is a great time to start a new self nurturance program. Give yourself the attention you seek outside. With Jupiter Retrograde you can review your own thought patterns and the emotions seeding them to great effect.

Essential Oil to Use: Patchouli
Essential oils that spark your passion and creative fires.

  • 19° 21’ Aquarius Full Moon (Lunar Lamas)
    Friday, August 11, 6:36pm PT

Moon Sextile Jupiter (Rx)
Sun Square Uranus
Mars Sextile Neptune (Rx)
Moon Square Uranus
Moon Conjunct Saturn (Rx)

Your emotions can feel much more conflicted and complex than usual. The Moon’s usual need for feeling emotionally secure gets complicated when in Aquarius, as there’s a strong need for emotional freedom. This Aquarius Moon may bring gatherings with like minded others that can help ameliorate and give a positive outlet for your emotions. Pursuing and expressing common future visions with others can help you deal with the negative emotions like fear, anger and jealousy that can surface now.

Essential Oil to Use: Frankincense
Use oils that promote clarity and greater perspective.

  • 4° 3’ Virgo New Moon
    Saturday, August 27, 1:17am PT

Moon Square Mars
Moon Trine Uranus (Rx)
Venus Opposes Saturn
Venus Square Uranus (Rx)
Sun Square Mars

The Virgo Moon brings a new beginning for all matters related to work, lifestyle and health. Your feeling of emotional safety comes from gaining more order and clarity in these matters of your life. You may have the urge to organize anything that feels chaotic, or  disorganized. Try being more tolerant and accept imperfections of life. It is better to trust life and let it run its own way, not everything must be according to our expectations.

Essential Oil to Use: Clary Sage
Regulating oils that promote balance and harmony.

  • 17° 40’ Pisces Full Moon
    Saturday, September 10, 2:59am PT

Moon Square Mars
Moon Sextile Uranus (Rx)
Moon Conjunct Neptune (Rx)
Mercury Stationary Retrograde

Of all the zodiac Moons the Pisces Moon has the greatest sensitivity and perceptiveness about one’s surroundings. The Pisces Moon can bring up feelings of insecurity which you can choose to face and deal with, rather than ignore, or completely deny. Now you have a tremendous opportunity to express your feelings in creative and spiritual ways. Pisces brings you a goldmine of imagination to explore.

Essential Oil to Use: Bergamot
Regulating oils that support balanced outcomes. You want to remain balanced emotionally while at the same time not going overboard. Lunacy and over excitement/enthusiasm are possible with this Pisces Moon. Extremes are likely now, so keep your feet on the ground while allowing for unimagined possibilities to be realized.

  • 2° 48’ Libra New Moon
    Sunday, September 25, 2:54pm PT

Moon Opposes Jupiter (Rx)
Venus Trine Pluto (Rx)
Mercury Rx Opposes Neptune
Sun Opposes Jupiter (Rx)
Mars Trine Saturn (Stationary Rx)

You might have a strong need for balance and harmony now. You probably desire to keep things "nice" rather than venturing into fundamental questions of importance to you in order to not disturb others. You must learn how to share both good and bad feelings. Don’t be afraid to be true to yourself, despite what other’s may think. Relationships may be especially challenged now, disagreements may occur. You’re discovering new ways of relating and reaching agreement with others.

Essential Oil to Use: Ylang Ylang
Oils that inspire passion and promote the sharing of emotions and meeting of minds.

  • 16° 32’ Aries Full Moon
    Sunday, October 9, 1:55pm PT

Moon Sextile Saturn (Rx)
Venus Opposes Chiron (Rx)
Pluto Stationary Direct

There’s real opportunity to realize an emotional win for yourself though it may come at the price of uncomfortable feelings, at least initially. An old wound may get triggered. It’s a powerful time to advance your cause whatever it may be. Use all the tension being released to fuel the resolution of problems rapidly. However, do not rush, just keep the ball rolling and let events unfold naturally at their own pace.

Essential Oil to Use: Bergamot
Oils that calm your mind and emotions.

  • 1° 59’ Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse
    Tuesday, October 25, 3:49am PT
    2° 7’ Solar Eclipse 4:00am PT
    Lunar Samhain

Moon Conjunct Venus
Mercury Trine Mars
Mercury Square Pluto
Saturn Stationary Direct
Mars Stationary Retrograde (until January 12, 2023)

The Scorpio New Moon always brings the opportunity to investigate your feelings more deeply. You may be searching for answers to old dilemmas with sudden breakthroughs possible. Though Mars Retrograde motion may slow the eventual outcome of this current review until the first of next year. You’ll want to get to the bottom of things and nothing will deter you. It just may take a little while longer than you’d hoped. You seek purification and healing of your emotions and emotional life.

Essential Oil to Use: Ylang Ylang
Use oils that balance the mind and free the emotions.

  • 15° 59’ Taurus Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse
    Tuesday, November 8, 2:59am PT
    16° 0’ Total Lunar Eclipse 3:02am PT

Moon Opposes Mercury
Moon Conjunct Uranus (Rx)
Moon Square Saturn
Sun Conjunct Mercury
Moon Opposes Venus
Moon Sextile Neptune (Rx)
Mercury Opposes Uranus (Rx)

The Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus brings issues of self respect to the surface. Your emotional need for stability gets challenged by the pressures building for change that needed to happen yesterday. In Taurus your feelings of self worth come from material things and the seeking of material things. The Taurus Eclipse brings issues related to your genuine sense of self worth not predicated on material values, but rather for spiritual values like love of home, family, country and the world at large. You may be getting a crash course in self acceptance of who you are, not what you have. A tremendous opportunity for the cleansing and release of false values.

Essential Oil to Use: Patchouli
Earthy oils that calm and ground you that you can’t seem to get enough of.

  • 1° 37’ Sagittarius New Moon
    Wednesday, November 23, 2:57pm PT

Jupiter Station Direct
Moon Conjunct Venus
Moon Conjunct Mercury
Mercury Trine Chiron (Rx)

The Sagittarius Moon can bring a great need to search for greater understanding. Your feeling of emotional safety gets a boost when you are starting a new program that will give your life more inherent meaning. Optimism abounds with a Sagittarius Moon, but this one especially so as it is conjunct Venus, the planet of personal love energies. Today, also Jupiter’s Direct Motion brings additional auspicious new beginnings. The eclipses have cleared your way and now you can plant seeds for welcomed new beginnings that omen prosperous outcomes. Make the most this time.

Essential Oil to Use: Cinnamon leaf
Spicy oils that stimulate your senses and inspire you to new adventures.

  • 16° 1’ Gemini Full Moon
    Wednesday, December 7, 8:08pm PT

Sun Opposes Mars (Rx)
Moon Trine Saturn
Neptune Stationary Direct

The Gemini Moon brings more forward momentum to the changes taking place now. Spontaneous celebrations and joining with your neighbors to enjoy the festive mood that the Christmas season brings. There’s much to enjoy with this Gemini Full Moon. A sociable and celebratory mood permeates your feelings as you share good times with others.

Essential Oil to Use: Helichrysum
Oils that calm your mind and emotions and promote healing of psychic and emotional wounds.

  • 1° 32’ Capricorn Super New Moon
    Friday, December 23, 2:17am PT

Venus Trine Uranus (Rx)
Moon Square Jupiter
Chiron Stationary Direct
Mercury Sextile Neptune
Mercury Stationary Retrograde

The Mood begins to shift from one of celebration to reviewing the year gone by and making plans for the new year ahead. Over the next two weeks you’ll be reviewing and rethinking what worked for you in 2022 and what you’d like to see change. Your ability to self evaluate may be more astute and clear eyed than usual. How far have you come this year in trusting yourself and your own inner values? Are you acting on what you know is right for you? Or, do you value other’s opinions more than your own?

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